World’s Largest Movie Theater Chain Accepts Bitcoin and Dogecoin as Means of Payment

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In mid-September, AMC Theaters CEO Adam Aron announced that this theater chain would begin accepting cryptocurrency as a means of payment, and now he announced the official launch of the service.

Visitors to AMC Theaters in the United States can now purchase gift cards using Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin and Bitcoin Cash as well as Dogecoin. Transactions are made using the BitPay wallet. You can pay for gift cards using cryptocurrency both on the official AMC Theaters website and in the mobile application, as well as directly at the cinemas themselves.

Recall that AMC Theaters is the largest cinema chain in the world: according to open sources, it has 2866 screens in 358 cinemas in Europe and 7967 screens in 620 cinemas in the United States.

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