Windows 11: Secondary display gets clock thanks to ElevenClock

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Windows 11: Secondary display gets clock thanks to ElevenClock

Image: ElevenClock

The small system tool “ElevenClock” solves a major annoyance under Windows 11 by also showing the clock in the taskbar on the secondary display. Since Microsoft has thinned out the feature set of the start menu and the taskbar in its new operating system, users have to switch to 3rd party apps.

3rd party apps for more flexibility

What was previously only accessible via detours and a registry hack under Windows 11 and was mostly overridden with the next build, is now made possible by the “ElevenClock” app, which is only 45 megabytes in size. It also shows the clock on the secondary display in the system tray. The seconds display, which was abolished by Microsoft, can also be restored without any problems.

The latest version 2.4 also fixes a number of issues reported by the website have kindly already been fully translated into German.

  • Fixed buggy RDP
  • Reduces CPU usage when using many monitors
  • Added more uniformity of the clock when changing some settings
  • In the last version the user interface of the settings has also been improved
  • Added support for the full month
  • Other bug fixes and improvements
  • Fixed hyphen bug

ElevenClock 2.4 – Release Notes

In addition, the RAM load could be reduced again when using multiple monitors, like the Project page can be found on the developer platform GitHub. Previously, Taskbar11 had made the operating system’s taskbar much more flexible again.

  • ElevenClock

    ElevenClock (Image: ElevenClock)

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    The tool ElevenClock 2.4 (EXE) as well as its Source code (ZIP) can now be downloaded directly from the developer’s repository. Taskbar11 is also available from the ComputerBase download area.


    • Taskbar11

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      Taskbar11 is a small tool for flexible adaptation of the taskbar under Windows 11.

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