Windows 11: NTLite 2.3.0 also overrides constraints

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The NTLite system tool, which can adapt and tailor system images for installation media, also helps elegantly bypass the constraints of Windows 11, such as TPM 2.0, Secure Boot and RAM. Current builds can be adjusted before the installation so that there are no queries.

If desired, NTLite thins Windows 11 significantly

In addition to the “Win11 TPM requirement disabling” function, which calls for a Trusted Platform Module (TPM) or deactivated after the firmware implementation fTPM, with the help of the two options “SecureBoot setup requirement” and “Storage and RAM”, the other stumbling blocks of incompatible computer systems can be easily avoided and Windows 11 can be installed.

The official Release Notes The latest version also has further improvements and bug fixes, all of which relate to Windows 11 and its components.

For example, the areas “Microsoft Account”, “Microsoft Edge” and “Telemetry” can be thinned out even more for better data protection. In addition, the German localization of LTLite has been further improved.


  • Unattended: Computer Name% SERIAL% variable, dynamically insert machine’s serial number during install
  • Settings: Win11 Setup requirement – Storage and RAM bypass option
  • Settings: Win11 Start – ‘Show most used apps’ option


  • Components: Win11 language removal detections for ‘Basque’, ‘Catalan’, ‘Galician’, ‘Indonesian’, ‘Vietnamese’
  • Components: Win11 removing more for ‘Microsoft Account’, ‘System Guard’, ‘VBS’, ‘Edge Chromium’, ‘Telemetry’, ‘Speech’, ‘Diagnostics’, ‘OCR’
  • Settings: Win11 TPM requirement disabling option improved
  • Settings ‘Windows’ section merged with ‘System’ for clarity
  • UI-Translation: Thanks for Chinese Simplified (Gskening) and German (Cartman586)


  • Source: Detected file in use error while saving, if processing Install + Boot + WinRE images in the same session
  • Components: Win11 ‘DevicesFlow’ removal would cause Settings – Devices closing
  • Components: Win11 ‘Wired Autoconfig’ removal would cause Settings – Network connections closing
  • Components: Win11 ‘Zip Folders’ removal was reverting Explorer toolbar to an old ribbon style

NTLite – Release Notes

Rufus 3.16 had already offered users the opportunity to create installation media for Windows 11 fully automatically without TPM 2.0 and Secure Boot as well as memory restrictions for the first time. NTLite goes even further in this regard and thins the operating system even further if desired.

Download on ComputerBase

As usual, NTLite 2.3.0 Build 83.96 can be downloaded from the ComputerBase download area directly below this message. The numerous official ones make it even easier to get started with NTLite User guides and the extensive documentation as well as the official Blog with tutorials.


  • NTLite Free

    4.3 stars

    NTLite Free allows you to modify Windows images and Windows installations.

    • Version 2.3.0 build 8396 German

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