Windows 11 Build 22489: New Insider Preview brings news in the Dev Channel

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Microsoft has released the Windows 11 Insider Preview with build 22489.1000 for rollout in the Dev Channel of the Windows 11 Insider Program, which is primarily aimed at developers and experienced users. After the last pre-release versions were bug fixes, this time there are new features.

The 10.0.22489.1000 rs_prerelease, the full name of the updated Insider Preview, is for the first time equipped with new settings in the Microsoft account area. Settings for which the detour via the browser was previously necessary will be possible here under “Your Microsoft Account” in the future. Among other things, the subscriptions concluded for Microsoft 365, links to the order history, payment details and Microsoft Rewards can now be viewed directly from Windows 11.

The new The new “Your Microsoft Account” setting (Image: Microsoft)

Microsoft has also made changes under Settings ➔ Apps ➔ Apps and Features, which mean that apps and features now have their own menu in the settings and are displayed separately from one another. The so-called “Online Service Experience Pack” should also gradually expand the feature set in Windows 11.

The official release notes, obtained from the website have already been fully translated into German, they also list the mandatory error corrections and optimization as well as the errors in the operating system that have not yet been resolved.

Changes and improvements in build 22489

  • We’re extending DNS over HTTPS functionality in Windows 11 by adding support for designated resolver discovery.
  • We have added support for Designated Resolver Discovery, which makes it possible to discover encrypted DNS configurations from a DNS resolver known only by its IP address.
  • The settings page for your Microsoft account. We’re starting with the introduction of a new entry point for “Your Microsoft Account” under Settings> Account. Clicking on that new entry point takes you to a new settings page that displays information about your Microsoft account, including your Microsoft 365 subscriptions, links to order history, payment details, and Microsoft Rewards.
  • Over time, we plan to improve the settings page for your Microsoft account based on your feedback from the Feedback Hub about Online Service Experience Packs.
  • To improve consistency, the name of the Connect app is changed to “Wireless Display”. This app is a feature on demand (FOD) and can be activated under Settings> Apps> Optional Features> Add Optional Feature.
  • We split the “Apps & Features” area in the settings into two pages under Apps: “Installed Apps” and “Advanced App Settings”.

Known issues in build 22489

  • Start menu: In some cases you may not be able to enter any text when using the search from the Start or the taskbar. If the problem occurs, press WIN + R on the keyboard to launch the Run dialog box, and then close it.
  • File Explorer: Attempting to rename items on the desktop does not work properly in this build. It should work if you open File Explorer, navigate to the desktop folder, and try to rename items from there.
  • Taskbar: The taskbar sometimes flickers when switching input methods. We’re working on fixing an issue that could cause tooltips to appear in an unexpected place when hovering over the corner of the taskbar.
  • Seek: After clicking the search icon on the system tray, the search box may not open. If so, restart the Windows Explorer process and open the search box again.
  • Quick settings: We’re investigating reports from insiders that the volume and brightness sliders in Quick Settings are not displaying properly.
  • We’re releasing new SDK and NuGet packages for developers with this build.

Windows 11 Insider Preview Build 22489 – Release Notes

In addition to Windows 11 Insider Preview Build 22489, Microsoft has also released the appropriate developer tool for download. Microsoft has more information on the Windows Blog summarized.

The new Microsoft Defender Preview should also be distributed to Windows 11 Insiders via the Dev Channel and then find its way into the Beta Channel.

Windows 11 for download on ComputerBase

Like the overview of all preview versions via the Microsoft Flight Hub reveals, the Insider Preview Build 22489 takes the place of the Insider Preview Build 22483 in the Dev Channel, while consumers in the Beta Channel have received the new Build 22000.282 as an official beta since October 15. Microsoft has released Build 22000.194 as a system image (ISO), which is linked as a download under this message.


  • Windows 11 ISO

    4.2 stars

    The Windows 11 ISO files can be used to create bootable installation media.

    • Version 21H2 (Build 22000.194) German

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