WhatsApp: Voice messages should be better integrated

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For many, WhatsApp is not only used to send short text messages, but also, in particular, to send – sometimes very sprawling – voice messages. Since this form of use is becoming more and more important, but in its current form it blocks the use of WhatsApp during playback, WhatsApp is working on changes.

WhatsApp can still be used for long voice messages

Most recently, WhatsApp had already integrated the option of playing back voice messages at different speeds (1 ×, 1.5 × and 2 ×), which can save time. In order to make handling more flexible in the future, however, the voice messages should also be outsourced from the individual chat processes and called up, switched through and played back via a menu that is globally accessible in the app.

By pinning the voice messages to the upper edge of the screen, the user can continue to use the rest of WhatsApp’s functions and, in particular, write in other chats while the message is being played back. The playback of the voice message can be paused, continued or ended at any time using the player at the top.

Voice message player in beta from WhatsApp Voice message player in beta from WhatsApp (Image: WABetaInfo)

Voice message history

The player should also be able to call up all voice messages in a history, a function that is currently completely missing, because voice messages have so far only appeared in the respective chat history. They are also not listed in the contact information under the shared media, which is why they are difficult to find in retrospect in longer runs. However, WhatsApp cannot deal with the problem that with more than 10-minute voice messages you have already forgotten the beginning of the message if you want to reply with a voice message yourself.

The function appeared for the first time in a beta version of WhatsApp for iOS, but will also be integrated into future beta versions for Android. It is not yet known when the function will be incorporated into the publicly available version of WhatsApp. Sometimes the integration of new functions with WhatsApp takes a long time, even after initial tests.

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