Weekly review and outlook: Windows 11 is in the starting block for Tuesday

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Weekly review and outlook: Windows 11 is in the starting block for Tuesday

Image: Microsoft

Windows 11 is due to start next Tuesday. Before the release, ComputerBase once again summarized requirements, installation, TPM and CPU requirements in the past week. The interest in the new operating system catapulted the related article to the top of the charts.

In the article “Windows 11 as an update: requirements, installation, TPM & CPU requirements”, the editors summarize all the findings of the last few months since Microsoft unveiled the new operating system on June 24th of this year.

The tiresome topic of system requirements

Above all, questions about the system requirements were always a topic of discussion from the beginning, after Microsoft tripped itself several times and “approached” customers with statements that were sometimes confusing and sometimes contradicting at first glance. It was not uncommon for the manufacturer’s support documents and press reports to be examined across multiple sources.

Help with the installation

The editors not only go into these points in the report, but also provide assistance in the form of several instructions in image and video format with the fresh installation or as an update from Windows 10. For example, it explains how an installation without TPM 2.0 works via Regedit and how Windows 10 Home can be installed on the system without a Microsoft account. The latter is actually only intended by Microsoft for Windows 10 Pro.

A gaming monitor for streamers too

The hustle and bustle around Windows 11 pushed other tests and reports this week into the background. The Corsair Xeneon 32QHD165 gaming monitor, which is the manufacturer’s first corresponding model, attracted around half as many readers. The package for 800 euros with 32 inches, up to 165 Hz and WQHD resolution is also aimed at classic players, with the connection to the stream deck and the integrated 1/4 inch thread for DSLRs, webcams, microphones or ring lights but streamers are also in focus.

The other tests of the week

This week’s ranking will be followed by a retro article on the first Intel Pentium Pro, a test on the Crucial MX 4 TB for the 25th company anniversary, the BMW Digital Key Plus tested using the iX and another retro report on Thermalright’s first tower cooler Ultra- 90.

China’s provinces are turning off the electricity

This week’s daily news was dominated by the week-long power cuts in China, which reports from Asia now have hit around 20 provinces in the country stretching from the southwest up the coast to northwest China. However, some inland provinces, including Beijing and Shanghai, are also struggling with the effects in certain areas. Environmental protection measures are assumed to be the background.

The 4th generation of the Fairphone

Also popular with the readership this week were the announcement of the Fairphone 4, which will be launched on October 25th, a practical test from the community on Starlink and a lawsuit by Sony against Huawei due to the use of the name “GT” in certain products. which Sony sees reserved for its own racing games Gran Turismo.

Windows 11 starts on October 5th

In all likelihood, the coming week will also be all about Windows 11. All dams are likely to break by the release on October 5th, although by far not every PC will be offered the operating system at the start. ComputerBase has Windows 11 benchmarks with graphics cards from AMD and Nvidia as well as processors from AMD and Intel in preparation for the next week.

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