Vivaldi 4.3: Chromium browser blocks tracking through Google API

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Vivaldi 4.3: Chromium browser blocks tracking through Google API

Image: Vivaldi

The Chromium browser Vivaldi for Windows, macOS, Linux and Android in the latest version 4.3 now blocks the Google API “Idle detection“, Which was introduced with Chromium 94, for more data protection and less tracking. In addition, the browser now also supports the Progressive Web Apps for the first time (PWA).

Vivaldi deactivates the Google API as standard

The not undisputed and now deactivated Google API “Idle Detection” can inform websites and web apps whether the user is interacting with his system or whether it is idling. The developers at Vivaldi switch off the API on the PC under Windows, macOS and Linux, as well as on the smartphone and tablet under Android. Google had already activated the application interface introduced in May 2020 with the update to Chromium 94 by default in Google Chrome and Chromium derivatives. Vivaldi is now the first provider to put a stop to this.

Vivaldi now blocks the Google API Vivaldi now blocks the Google API “Idle Detection” as standard (Image: Vivaldi)

Since this API can be abused for behavioral tracking, we think it is unfair for users to be expected to understand the privacy implications of allowing a website to use it.


In contrast to Chrome and other browsers based on Chromium 94, websites and web apps will no longer be able to query the operating status of the system via Vivaldi in the future. Corresponding requests are immediately rejected by the browser.

Therefore, this setting has been disabled by default on both desktop and Android. Unlike Chrome, Vivaldi does not let the website even ask; their requests are denied by default.


Vivaldi 4.3 receives a lot of fine-tuning

Aside from the blockade of the Google API, the developers have given their browser a heavily revised download panel with a new interface that now has animated graphs, an improved screenshot function, an integrated translator for 108 languages ​​as well as support for progressive web apps and an extended one Synchronization function for PC and Android.

The download panel The download panel (Image: Vivaldi) The screenshot function The screenshot function (Image: Vivaldi) The support for WPA Support for WPA (Image: Vivaldi)

In addition, the mail, calendar and RSS reader functions that have been integrated into the browser as beta since Vivaldi 4.0 have received a further fine-tuning. For example, the login for the mail client and the calendar was made using the open protocol Open Authorization (OAuth) strictly separated from the browser.

Vivaldi Mail, Calendar and Feed Reader Vivaldi Mail, Calendar and Feed Reader (Image: Vivaldi)

Further information on the new release can be found in the official Website as well as the Vivaldi blog.

Download on ComputerBase

Vivaldi 4.3 can be downloaded as usual directly below this message from the download area of ​​ComputerBase.


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