Twitch Hack: Platform Confirms Huge Data Leak Revealing Creators’ Income

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Income from creators, source code, secret project… 125 GB of particularly sensitive Twitch data was hacked by hackers and published on the Internet on Wednesday. Faced with general panic, the streaming platform, which belongs to Amazon, confirmed this “breach”. If the password leak has not yet been confirmed, it is recommended to change it as a precaution and to enable two-factor authentication.

“We can confirm that there has been a breach. Our teams are working in a hurry, ”tweeted the service. “We will let the community know as soon as we have more information. “

On the anonymous 4Chan forum, a user posted a download link for 125 gigabytes of computer data, which reportedly includes source code from Twitch, information about payments to content creators, and a video game distribution service in development. by Amazon Game Studios to compete with Steam. According to the specialist site The Verge, the leak was labeled “Part 1”, suggesting that there could be more.

Creators confirm their income figures

An Excel file listing the accounts of different content creators on the platform is circulating this Wednesday afternoon on social networks. The table shows the income of these streamers over a period from August 2019 to October 2021. Among one of the people mentioned, ZeratoR, a French streamer specializing in video games, has confirmed the veracity of the information about him. He also took the opportunity to explain that it was about turnover and not profits.

ZeratoR is in 44th position in the ranking of the highest paid streamers by Twitch, with $ 1.4 million over almost two years, or about 50,000 euros per month. The CriticalRole collective, a group of comedians and voice actors who play Dungeons and Dragons, flirted with $ 10 million over the period. Production costs, various commissions and taxes must be taken away from these sums, but the most popular streamers can earn a lot more by adding donations and sponsorship.

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