The first terabyte game will be released on the PlayStation 5. But it is not yet clear what it will be

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The first terabyte game is currently being developed for the PlayStation 5. However, it is not yet clear what is meant by this.

The first terabyte game will be released on the PlayStation 5. But it is not yet clear what it will be

Jade Raymond, a veteran of the gaming industry, spoke about this. Raymond is best known as the former executive producer of Ubisoft Montreal, founder of Motive Studios, the producer of the first Assassin’s Creed and several subsequent games in the series, the producer of The Sims Online, and the former VP of Google and the head of Google Stadia.

Now the girl is the head of the Haven Studios she created. The team is working on an as-yet-unnamed next-gen game for the PlayStation 5. And, judging by the interviews, it should be the first terabyte game.

What Raymond meant by this is unclear. You can, of course, assume that the game will take up 1 TB of storage space, but this is unlikely, since the PlayStation 5 has an SSD with a capacity of just over 800 GB, and there is even less free space. Of course, you can already install an additional SSD in the console, but, firstly, not everyone will do this, and secondly, for such a game it will be necessary for this drive to be at least 2 TB in volume, since in a 1 TB SSD physically a little less space.

The first terabyte game will be released on the PlayStation 5. But it is not yet clear what it will be

Probably, Raymond talked about some amount of data that the game will operate in one form or another, but so far this question remains open. But the head of Haven Studios said that the game is being created with the support of Sony, so, apparently, it will be exclusive.

I’ve talked a lot with different developers about their experiences with different publishers, and Sony really stands out as a company that truly understands the creative process, develops games, supports development teams, and gives them the autonomy they need. Plus, we’re all big fans since we were Sony kids. There’s something really cool about working on your own PlayStation game. For many people, this is a dream about what they wanted to do.

Returning to the game, you can judge about it by some of Raymond’s phrases.

I really care about three things that are also the mainstay of our way of thinking, ”she concludes.

Firstly, these are games as a social platform. The pandemic has proven that gameplay is the social glue that binds communities together. This is what you do, especially for the younger generation, and how you make friends and socialize. This is what we really want to build and design.

The second is to think about the “remix generation”. It started quite recently, the era of self-expression has arrived, when we design our NikeID shoes, we read the blogs of our friends, not what our professional journalists write. And I think it continued with things like TikTok. This is another thing we think about at the core of our game. This goes beyond user-generated content, it is about self-expression.

The third thing that really inspires us is the creation of new intellectual property. Creation of a new project that represents a world that can exist for several generations and becomes meaningful to people on a deeper level. But how can we create such a deep world that is fan-oriented from the start? When we created Assassin’s Creed, we really thought about creating a new world that creative teams can own in the future.

Thus, apparently, the game created by the team will be, firstly, large, secondly, focused on maintaining relevance for many years, and thirdly, socially oriented, that is, including online. That is, it is definitely not a story-driven single-player blockbuster.

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