TeslAA: Developer offers Android Auto in the browser for Tesla MCU

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The Media Control Unit (MCU) on every Tesla is notoriously known for not supporting either Android Auto or CarPlay. Smartphones can only be connected via Bluetooth, and there are native apps for some services. At least Android Auto can now use the app “TeslAA“Can be executed in the browser.

The developer “borconie” had already published a proof of concept in June of this year that Android Auto can be run on the infotainment system of a Model 3 in the browser. on Reddit a public beta has now been announced by TeslAA that offered in the Play Store for 4.99 euros will. The app is 61 MB in size and can be installed on Android smartphones from version 8.0. In the release notes, a “Release Candidate 1” is mentioned, among other things.

TeslAA still has some glitches

On Reddit, the developer gives further details on the current state of development of his application. Accordingly, there are still a number of minor errors (“glitches”) in the current version, but the app is already suitable for everyday use. In view of some restrictions, however, one or the other user might doubt this, especially considering that it is a paid app. Still, TeslAA is the first option ever to run Android Auto on the MCU.

Car connects to smartphone hotspot

For the connection to the infotainment system, this must be selected in the Bluetooth settings of the smartphone. In addition, the Tesla’s WiFi must be connected to a hotspot offered by the smartphone. The last step in the Tesla browser is to go to the “androidwheels.com” website for Android Auto.

FFMPEG can smear in the background

One of the errors that can potentially occur during operation is that the video stream for Android Auto coming from the smartphone can no longer react when switching to reverse gear. An update of the website should temporarily fix this error. The app uses the native FFMPEG binary on the smartphone, which in some situations “die“Could. This does not happen while driving, but mainly during setup or when the browser is closed and reopened several times.

Smartphone can overheat

In addition, the smartphone’s performance is crucial for smooth operation in order to bring a smooth stream in 720p resolution to the MCU. The developer himself uses a OnePlus 8 Pro for his tests, which in turn overheats when using Android Auto and wireless charging at the same time. This fact should be avoided with wired charging.

The car’s data are sent via the smartphone

The developer also points out that in larger dead spots, the Tesla MCU potentially disconnects from the smartphone hotspot. In this case, a new connection for Android Auto is only possible again when the smartphone has cellular reception again. It should also be noted that when the Tesla is connected to the smartphone hotspot, all of the car’s data runs over the phone and its mobile phone contract and thus its data volume. This also includes map and firmware updates.

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