Steam Deck: Valve shows the inner workings and wants to offer spare parts

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Steam Deck: Valve shows the inner workings and wants to offer spare parts

Image: Valve

Valve already revealed a lot of information about the handheld PC Steam Deck at the time of the announcement and first hands-ons and information about Windows 11 provided further impressions – now Valve is dismantling the mobile PC itself in the video and shows the inner workings.

Video shows replacement of the SSD

To open the Stream Deck, eight screws must be loosened before the back cover can be removed. The inner workings reveal that even replacing the internal M.2 SSD could cause problems, for example if you have ordered the 64 GB model and are planning an upgrade with more memory. Valve uses an M2-2230 SSD, which has its own shielding, as it sits right next to the WLAN and Bluetooth module. This is to prevent electromagnetic interference in any case. Commercially available SSDs do not have this shielding, which is why Valve warns that interference can arise. Valve also points out that the power consumption of a self-purchased SSD may differ from the original, which, not least, could lead to overheating. Valve recommends adding more storage via the microSD slot on the Steam Deck instead.

Valve wants to offer spare parts

After opening, the thumbsticks can be removed and exchanged, but this is a specially adapted component. According to Valve, however, plans to offer spare parts through a partner so that repairs are basically possible.

Valve advises against opening

Valve also points out that you should not open the Steam Deck yourself and that no warranty claims can be made for any damage caused by opening the handheld by yourself. The battery should always be disconnected first, which makes Valve difficult because the connection is under the cover of the SSD and the processor. In addition, Valve points out that opening the handheld will inevitably weaken the stability of the handheld, which cannot be prevented.

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