“Squid Game”: A video game in preparation at Netlix?

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Netflix has had immense success with its new series from South Korea, “Squid Game”. And according to Tom Henderson, known for having made several revelations in the field of video games, the streaming platform is in the process of adapting the series in another format.

“Apparently a ‘Squid Game’ type game is already in development,” said the leaker on Twitter this Sunday, reports Phonandroid. “I am not sure of the developer yet. The future of BR [Battle Royale, N.D.L.R.] come ! “

Games included in the subscription

The information, even if it remains to be confirmed, would not be surprising for all that. Netflix recently announced that it was going to launch into video games, and in particular mobile games. These games will be included in the subscription of its customers. Since last August, some users in Poland have already been able to test two mobile games adapted from the series “Stranger Things”.

It is therefore not impossible that Netflix is ​​preparing a “Squid Game” video game. This adaptation would, if it see the light of day, available on Android and iOS applications. For the moment, the streaming platform has neither confirmed nor denied the information.

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