“Squid Game”: Beware of malicious applications derived from the series

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The South Korean series Squid Game, currently broadcast on Netflix, is a huge success. Enough to bring many derivative products to market, including nearly 200 mobile applications. But as reported Capital As of Monday, some of those apps would contain malware.

This is what the magazine revealed Forbes, last October 19. One of these applications, making it possible to generate wallpapers on the theme of the television series, would also constitute a real scam. According to an Android security expert, it is malware, capable of registering victims for premium subscription services and stealing text messages, contacts and other information from their device.

Software already used in other forms

This software would have already been used several times in other forms. But it took nearly 5,000 downloads before Google detected it and removed it from its Play Store. Several people who had downloaded the app dedicated to the series Squid Game were thus victims of advertising fraud and subscribed, despite themselves, to paid SMS services.

In the past, other successful films, series and video games, such as Fortnite or Pokémon, had already sparked the emergence of such dangerous applications. If Google has developed processes to detect them, some do manage to emerge. To avoid any unpleasant surprises, it is therefore advisable to download only official applications.

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