Smart Home: Eve is preparing smart roller blinds and Matter update for 2022

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The German smart home provider Eve is preparing to expand its product portfolio to include smart roller blinds at the beginning of next year, which are to be offered through third-party providers. In addition, with the start of the Matter standard in mid-2022, its integration into the first products with Thread at Eve is planned.

Smart roller blinds with Eve motors will start in January

With heating & air quality, energy, lighting, security and outdoor, Eve currently serves five product categories for everything to do with the smart home. Smart roller blinds for interiors are also planned for January of the next year, which for the first time will not be sold directly by Eve to end consumers. The MotionBlinds motor developed by Eve with HomeKit and Thread support will instead be companies like Coulisse made available via a license agreement, which in turn then sell the actual roller blinds. These are already available in the Netherlands and Belgium, for example, via at prices from 220 euros. The expansion to include the German market will follow in January 2022, with Coulisse partners agreeing can be found – local prices are still pending. Eve’s MotionBlinds motors are also planned for curtains, pleated and honeycomb pleated blinds.

  • Smart roller blinds with Eve MotionBlinds

    Smart roller blinds with Eve MotionBlinds (Image: Eve)

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    Charge once a year via USB-C

    In the smart roller blinds, the motors are equipped with an integrated battery that does not require a socket, but has to be charged about once a year, according to Eve. This process takes place via USB-C on the underside of the roller blind. A 3 m long charging cable is also included, taking into account higher-mounted roller blinds. Typical for Eve is the simple integration into the smart home via a HomeKit setup code, which is cleverly hidden in the smart roller blinds at the end of the cable, via which the electrical opening and closing can also be triggered manually.

    HomeKit setup code in the pull rope HomeKit setup code in the pull rope MotionBlinds for smart roller blinds MotionBlinds for smart roller blinds (Image: Eve)

    Eve relies on local thread without the cloud

    A gateway or a bridge is not required for Eve products, and the manufacturer also does without a cloud connection. The company wants to generate revenue exclusively with hardware and not with customer data. The communication of the smart roller blinds can take place in the smart home via Bluetooth or Eve’s preferred thread. Thread is an IPv6-based mesh network technology that uses 6LoWPAN, which uses the IEEE 802.15.4 protocol. The “Thread Group” includes companies such as Google, Samsung, Osram and, since 2018, Apple.

    That Mesh network with thread is connected to external devices such as a smartphone or tablet via a so-called border router. Currently, this is primarily Apple’s HomePod mini, which supports thread. But Thread has already integrated the Mesh WiFi products of the Eero series from Amazon.

    Matter updates will follow from mid-2022

    Aside from the new smart roller blinds, Eve has news about the integration of the Matter standard into its own products. Matter is intended to enable interoperability of smart home devices across manufacturer and software boundaries. The initiators of the project were among others Amazon, Apple and Google, but also companies like Eve, Signify (Philips Hue), Samsung, Ikea and Huawei belong to it.

    The Zigbee Alliance, renamed the “Connectivity Standards Alliance” (CSA), announced the standard in May of this year and announced the first completed certifications for products at that time for 2021. In August, however, a message from the CSA followed that this time window could not be kept and that there would be a postponement to 2022.

    These Eve products will receive firmware updates

    From the middle of next year, firmware updates for Matter will be offered for the products Eve Energy (Europe and North America), Eve Motion, Eve Door & Window and the new Eve MotionBlinds (smart roller blinds). Further certifications and thus updates for Eve Light Switch (Europe and North America) and Eve Thermo are due for autumn 2022. Eve Weather, Eve Room and Eve Energy for the United Kingdom and Australia are to follow at the end of 2022.

  • Matter setup from Nest Hub, Eve Energy and Eve Flare

    Matter setup from Nest Hub, Eve Energy and Eve Flare

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    How Matter communicates successfully and quickly between products from different manufacturers was demonstrated by Eve using a Google Nest Hub with beta firmware and its own customized products, Eve Energy and Eve Flare. So far, Eve devices have only been designed for use in Apple’s HomeKit ecosystem. With the Matter update, the manufacturer expects a massive increase in potential customers who have previously relied on Amazon Alexa or the Google Assistant.

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