Samsung’s novelty stores this as a fall event, after which you may be denied warranty repairs

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Samsung has taken extra precautions against false warranty claims from Galaxy Z Flip3 users. As it became known, the new flagship clamshell phone registers all cases of falling. Samsung engineers can refer to stored records when a customer calls a service center to determine if damage should be covered under warranty.

Using these logs, which record free falls based on accelerometer data, Samsung engineers can determine if a Galaxy Z Flip 3 provided for repair fell from more than 1 meter away. Otherwise, Samsung may refuse free repairs even if the phone is under warranty.

Why you shouldn't throw your smartphone on the bed: Samsung's novelty stores this as falling cases, after which you may be denied warranty repairs

There are already several reviews from real Galaxy Z Flip3 users who were denied free repairs under warranty. But there are other cases as well: One Galaxy Z Flip3 user reports that Samsung was willing to repair the phone under warranty even after engineers determined that the device in question had been dropped three times, with the last drop occurring 10 hours before how the screen broke. The company was so kind as the buyer approached within 14 days of the purchase date. The rest were less fortunate.

So Galaxy Z Flip 3 owners will have to get rid of the habit of throwing their phone on the couch or bed. No, it will not harm your smartphone, but the information recorded by the device may cause difficulties with warranty service in the future. It is logical to assume that similar information will be recorded by other Samsung smartphones, as well as from other manufacturers.

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