Quarterly figures: Apple reports records and impact of chip shortages

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Apple delivers another record result in the fourth fiscal quarter of 2021 with sales of over 83 billion US dollars. CEO Tim Cook let investors know that Apple is now also affected by the shortage of chips. Looking at the individual divisions, the Mac is currently at an all-time high thanks to the M1.

Apple reports sales and earnings records for fourth quarter

Apple closed the fourth quarter of 2021 on September 25 with sales of 83.36 billion US dollars, 28.8 percent more than in the same period last year. The gross margin in the current period was 35.17 billion US dollars and thus 42.2 percent of sales. After deducting all charges, net income was $ 20.55 billion – 62.2 percent more than in Q4 2020.

Chip shortage also reached Apple

As Apple CEO Tim Cook said at the beginning of the conference call on the quarterly results, the company’s sales could have been around 6 billion US dollars higher if Apple had not been affected by the chip shortage and the effects of the ongoing pandemic.

Apple: Sales and Profits since Q1 / 2000 -1.00021.48843.97666.46388.951111.439Million US Dollars Q1 / 2000Q4 / 2000Q3 / 2001Q2 / 2002Q1 / 2003Q4 / 2003Q3 / 2004Q2 / 2005Q1 / 2006Q4 / 2006Q3 / 2007Q2 / 2008Q1 / 2009Q4 / 2009Q3 / 2010Q2 / 2011Q1 / 2012Q4 / 2012Q3 / 2013Q2 / 2014Q1 / 2015Q4 / 2015Q3 / 2016Q2 / 2017Q1 / 2018Q4 / 2018Q3 / 2019Q2 / 2020Q1 / 2021Q4 / 2021 sales (10-K) net profit (10-K) sales (10-Q) net profit (10-Q)

The iPhone remains the workhorse

In terms of sales, the iPhone is still the company’s driving force. The new iPhone 13, which is available in the four versions iPhone 13, iPhone 13 mini (test), iPhone 13 Pro and iPhone 13 Pro Max (test), only plays a small role in the current quarterly results because it is only available for two days overlap with the quarter. With the iPhone, Apple achieved sales of 38.87 billion US dollars – an increase of 47 percent over the previous year.

Services don’t fluctuate

The services have developed into an extremely lucrative business for Apple, which is also flourishing completely independent of the usual quarterly fluctuations. Subscriptions to services such as Apple Music, Apple TV +, Apple Arcade, iCloud +, Apple News + and Apple Fitness + ensure steady sales and combined offers as part of Apple One are apparently arousing the interest of more and more customers. The Services division had sales of 18.28 billion US dollars, 25.6 percent above the fourth quarter of 2020.

Mac hits all-time high

The Mac has developed into the third strongest division over the last quarter. The current machines with Apple Silicon, primarily the M1, appear to be hugely popular, pushing the division to an all-time high of $ 9.18 billion. Apple has never done so much with the Mac in the company’s history. With the M1 Pro and M1 Max in the new MacBook Pro, more powerful models have recently followed.

Apple Revenue by Segment $ 014,00028,00042,00056,00070,000Million Q1 / 2002Q3 / 2002Q1 / 2003Q3 / 2003Q1 / 2004Q3 / 2004Q1 / 2005Q3 / 2005Q1 / 2006Q3 / 2006Q1 / 2007Q3 / 2007Q1 / 2008Q3 / 2008Q1 / 2009Q3 / 2009Q1 / 2010Q3 / 2010Q1 / 2011Q3 / 2011Q1 / 2012Q3 / 2012Q1 / 2013Q3 / 2013Q1 / 2014Q3 / 2014Q1 / 2015Q3 / 2015Q1 / 2016Q3 / 2016Q1 / 2017Q3 / 2017Q1 / 2018Q3 / 2018Q1 / 2019Q3 / 2019Q1 / 2020Q3 / 2020Q1 / 2021Q3 / 2021 iPod Mac iPad iPhone Services Wearables, Home and Accessories Other Products

Apple Watch, AirPods and iPad on the rise

With the “Wearables, Home and Accessories” division, ie with everything to do with Apple Watch, HomePod, AirPods and accessories, Apple achieved sales of around 8.79 billion US dollars in the fourth quarter of 2021. Here, too, the company recorded a solid plus of 11.5 percent. This is all the more true with a gain of 21.4 percent for the iPad, whose sales were 8.25 billion US dollars.

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