OnanOff StoryPhones: headphones as a Toniebox for the ears

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After the Toniebox from Boxine has made a triumphant advance in the children’s room, the StoryPhones from OnanOff want to transfer the recipe for success to headphones. The headphones do not have to be connected to an end device, but are given access to content via the StoryShield, a printed disc for the auricle.

Content is saved and available offline

As with the well-known Tonieboxes, a StoryShield contains information about the content that is to be called up and played back. The headphones can then independently download and save the audio content so that they can be played again at any time when the StoryShield is magnetically connected to the auricle again. After the initial download of the corresponding content from the cloud, playback can also take place offline so that the headphones can also be used on the go. In addition, the content stored on the headphones can be played free of charge via any network or other device – in this respect the approach differs significantly from the Tonies characters and their playback box.

Your own content is also possible

The headphones are primarily intended for children and are intended to be a screenless alternative to current media consumption. The StoryPhones library offers content from 3 years of age, including audio stories and music. Many well-known stories and comics are to be found among these. A smartphone app allows you to record your own stories and make them accessible via a so-called PlayShield, an individual StoryShield. For example, parents can read stories to their children or grandma and grandpa to their grandchildren, which they can then listen to at any time, even when they are not there. An approach that the Tonieboxes now also offer. A StoryShield named ZenShield contains relaxing audio profiles that are designed to help calm down, relax, or fall asleep.

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    The StoryPhones also have a microphone for making phone calls and motion sensors, which means that interactive content can be created to encourage children to move. The StoryPhones are delivered with an audio cable, charging cable, a carrying case and two StoryShields.

    From November 15th for 100 euros

    The StoryPhones will be directly at from November 15th OnanOff and commercially available. They cost 99.90 euros. The StoryShields have a playing time of 30 to 45 minutes, depending on the content, and cost 7.90, 9.90 or 14.90 euros. ZenShields and PlayShields each cost 14.90 euros.

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