Nora adds to Nina: The federal states’ official emergency call app has appeared

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Nora, the official emergency call app of the federal states, has appeared and is intended to offer citizens more accessibility in an emergency. The app enables those affected to communicate in an emergency with the employees on the emergency numbers 110 and 112 via chat. Optional information can help volunteers and save lives.

Under the title “Fast, Easy, Safe. Nora. ”Became the official emergency call app of the federal states today Nora (PDF) presented the possibilities of an emergency call to the official emergency number of the police in Germany (110) as well as the uniform European emergency number (112) has been expanded to include an emergency call system via app and chat. The developer, bevuta IT GmbH from Cologne, explains in a short how the Nora app works Step-by-step instructions in detail on the website of the emergency call app.

  • Nora - emergency call app of the federal states: institution

    Nora – Emergency call app of the federal states: Institution (Image: State of North Rhine-Westphalia)

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    After steps 1 to 3, specifying the mobile phone number, the confirmation code received by SMS and the name, the Nora emergency call app can be used and emergency calls can be made. All other information is optional, but can be of crucial importance in an emergency and even save lives in an emergency.

    Optional information

    • Age and gender
    • Medical information on previous illnesses
    • Limitations and disabilities
    • Callback option
    • miscellaneous

    Mandatory information

    • First and Last Name
    • Cell phone number
    • Verification code

    110 and 112 with fewer barriers

    The Nora app creates more accessibility, especially for people with hearing or speech disorders or disabilities. Because these people often cannot or only to a limited extent communicate with their counterparts due to their limitations when making an emergency call.

    Data is saved locally

    The Nora app initially only saves all data locally on the smartphone. Depending on the emergency, the user himself decides which data is to be passed on to the emergency call center.

    Location data can also be transmitted directly via the app to potential rescue workers. The medical data and those that are required to assess the situation are sent separately to the operations management and emergency services.

    The information is initially only saved locally on your mobile device. Only in an emergency situation are they transmitted to the operations control center and from there to the emergency services if necessary.

    In principle, both only receive the information that is necessary to assess the respective emergency.

    Medical data on previous illnesses are only passed on to the control centers and rescue services in the event of medical emergencies that affect you yourself.

    Nora also offers a silent emergency call in particularly threatening situations in which the smartphone cannot be used freely. In such a case, only the chat function should be activated, but there will be no callback.

    For Android and iOS

    Nora, the official emergency call app of the federal states, can be downloaded free of charge from the Google Play Store for Android (from 5.0) or the Apple App Store for iOS (from iOS 12).

    That Ministry of the Interior of the State of North Rhine-Westphalia, which is responsible for the nationwide emergency call app, also has a corresponding one Press release released.

    The cost of the project for the state of North Rhine-Westphalia so far is 475,000 euros. Bayrischer Rundfunk broadcast a contribution to the Nora app on BR TV and published it as a stream, which under the title “Seeing instead of hearing” highlights the great advantages of the app for deaf people.

    Nora, Nina and Cell Broadcast from the federal government

    Next to Nora is also Nina, the emergency information and news app, of the Federal Office for Civil Protection and Disaster Relief (BBK), which are used as warning devices for the modular warning system of the federal government (MoWaS) is available for download for the two major mobile operating systems. In the coming year, Germany is also to receive a disaster warning system with cell broadcast.

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