Morphée Zen: How this little pebble helps relieve stress and relax

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Need to de-stress? To find a little of that inner calm that is already lacking in this new school year? With
Zen Morpheus, to you the sessions of meditation and sophrology at will! How? ‘Or’ What ? Thanks to a funny little pebble that fits in your pocket and that 20 minutes was able to test before its release in October.

75 grams of zenitude

“Let’s get away for a few minutes on an ocean beach. Breathe in deeply… and breathe out while closing your eyes (sound of the waves). You are at the edge of the ocean, you walk along the sea, barefoot in the sand, the sensation is very pleasant, you perceive each small grain of sand passing between your toes… ”Zenitude? This excerpt from one of Morphée Zen’s relaxation sessions plunges us into it!

Designed by Audiozen, a French Tech company, the small 75-gram pebble (7.5 x 7.5 x 1.5 cm) acts as an audio player and offers seventy-two divided into six themes of twelve sessions. It charges in USB-C for 1 hour 30 minutes and offers three hours of relaxation.

Six themes, seventy-two sessions

On the surface of Morphée Zen, a slew of tactile keys: in the center to turn the pebble on and off; up and down for volume; and on its circumference keys dedicated to the six proposed themes: Intense relaxation; Immersive trips; Dynamic Relaxations; Sounds of nature; Relaxing music and Chrono Zen. For each, a small, easily identifiable icon that you just need to press to start a session.

Six themes are offered for relaxation sessions, sophrology ...
Six themes are offered for relaxation sessions, sophrology … – MORPHEE

To enjoy it, you must equip yourself with headphones or a wired headset. In 2021, we are surprised that Bluetooth is not on board. The designers of Morphée Zen prefer to evoke the absence of waves to justify their choice. Acceptable arguments, of course, but we still had to find old wired headphones in our closet, and the use of Morphée Zen is becoming less practical in transport …

2 to 5 minutes to relax

For our test, we obviously ventured into several sessions that we spread over the course of a week. According to the designers of the product, they were developed by “relaxation professionals: sophrologists, hypnotherapists, psychologists”. They last from 2 minutes to 5 minutes each.

A headset or wired audio earphones are required to use Morphée Zen.
A headset or wired audio earphones are required to use Morphée Zen. – MORPHEE

By breathing deeply, we quickly let ourselves be carried away by the male voice, warm and reassuring that accompanies us. Its female counterpart would have been appreciated… Depending on the case, we are called upon to remain seated or standing, to close our eyes, to make contact with our points of support, to pay our attention to the tensions in our body, to become aware of our breathing… but also to escape using the sounds of nature (fire, storm, ocean, forest…). This last feature has been widely appreciated in public transport …

On the occasion of various teleworking breaks, we also took advantage of a few musical tracks all in serenity (exclusively at the piano) to escape… and relieve the pressure. In an emergency, so-called “Chrono Zen” sessions of only 2 minutes also help to relax.

It is not always easy, however, when you are at work or in the heat of the moment to take a little break. This is undoubtedly the first exercise to be done on oneself: to allow time for time! Morphée Zen will do the rest with a certain talent, our tests having made us want to create little routines that we will try to maintain in the future …

Not scalable

Too bad, however, that Morphée Zen is a device that will not be able to evolve. Do not plan to add sessions to existing ones. For the moment, the designers of the product do not announce any.

The Morphée Zen pebble is 1.5 cm thick.
The Morphée Zen pebble is 1.5 cm thick. – CHRISTOPHE SEFRIN / 20 MINUTES

And anyway, we discovered by connecting the pebble to our computer that it was not recognized as a storage device and that as such, it was impossible to substitute or add audio files to it.

For the day and bedtime

Sold for 59 euros (at Nature & Découvertes until March, and on the site from the manufacturer where the device is currently on pre-order at only 39 euros), Morphée Zen completes the range of Morphée brand products.

Morphée combines meditation and sophrology to help us sleep better.
Morphée combines meditation and sophrology to help us sleep better. – MORPHEE

All surf the same wave: Morphée (a pretty beech case also offering sessions to relax and fall asleep, sold 79 euros), but also Mon petit Morphée (dedicated to children, with 192 meditations and soothing trips for the to sleep). While the government has just announced the reimbursement of consultations with the psychologist from 2022, it seems that the vein of homemade relaxation also has a bright future ahead!

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