Monobank has released “the best bank beer in the world”

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Co-founder of the Ukrainian Monobank Oleg Gorokhovsky on his Facebook page announced “the best banking beer in the world.” His post received more than 400 comments and was duplicated on the social network 1.6 thousand times.

Anatoly Rogalskiy, Marketing Director of Monobank, specified that the idea to release a branded beer was born when the Bank’s product design was created, which was done jointly with the Grape agency.

Monobank has released

One of the variants of the “working prototype” of the product was a beer can. We were bombarded with comments “where to get this beer.” Here you are.

Anatoly Rogalsky

The beer is produced in collaboration with the 2085 Brewery. Variety – Hoppy Mexican Lager.

We will remind, recently the Tesla company introduced the Gigabeer beer.

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