Microsoft announced the quantum console Xbox 2042

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Microsoft has released a video entitled “Imagine the Future of the Gaming Industry” that describes the possible specs of the Xbox 2042 console.

With this video, the Redmond giant is promoting the new first-person shooter Battlefield 2042, which goes on sale November 19 across multiple platforms, including the Xbox Series X / S.

32K, 480 fps, 1 exaflops and zero latency: Microsoft announces the Xbox 2042 quantum console

Microsoft suggests that games on Xbox 2042 will already be indistinguishable from reality, the console will use quantum technologies, it will be able to perform up to one quintillion floating point operations per second (1 quintillion is 1 million trillion). By then, the console will have the most advanced artificial intelligence and holographic interface, and the games we know them today will change forever.

The description of the video says that the console will be able to display a picture with a resolution of 32K with a frequency of up to 480 fps and zero latency, while it will be 90% less than a top gaming computer. Console performance will be 1 exaflops.

All games will be able to start instantly, without taking any time to load. Even big cloud games with huge worlds will have their own dedicated data centers for instant downloads.

It is clear that this is just a fantasy so far, but it was published by Microsoft on the official Xbox channel.

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