Maneuver Assistant: BMW iX will in future follow the recorded route itself

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In March next year, BMW plans to offer a Remote Software Upgrade (RSU) for the iX, which will add the Maneuver Assistant, which can cover a distance of up to 200 meters previously recorded by the driver. The assistant is intended for the last few meters in or out of tight parking spaces or on the property.

After the market launch of the iX at the end of this year, BMW plans to deliver new features for the purely electric SAV in March and July via remote software upgrades. The first update “03/22” provides for the integration of the maneuver assistant, which practically corresponds to the recording of a macro that can later be played back in the same place and with the iX the car drives the last few meters alone.

System uses cameras for parking assistants

Distances of up to 200 meters can be recorded, which can be played back at a later point in time from the start of the recording. For the automated driving maneuvers, BMW uses the cameras installed around the vehicle, which are also used with the normal parking assistant and give the driver a 360-degree view of the vehicle, including a bird’s eye view.

Up to ten different maneuvers can be stored in the new 8th generation BMW iDrive with BMW OS 8. All processes relating to the maneuver assistant are initialized via the parking button on the center console of the iX, which can also be used to call up all other assistants relating to parking processes. This includes, for example, the search for free parking spaces or the assistant for backing out of parking spaces. In the future, it will also be possible to record a new route for the presented maneuver assistant from this menu.

The maneuver assistant in the BMW iX The maneuver assistant in the BMW iX (Image: BMW)

The maneuver assistant in action

If the car is in an area in which the recording of a maneuver was started before, the content of the menu called up via the park button is dynamically adapted and then also shows a previously recorded maneuver on the right in the selection menu. From minute 0:42 you can see in the video how the assistant for reversing disappears from the menu after a short adjustment of the parking position by a short drive backwards and instead the stored maneuver of parking space 69 in parking space 60 is displayed. BMW demonstrated the maneuver assistant in this example in an underground car park. The vehicle shown in the video was still running with software from the pre-production series, which BMW intends to optimize further until it is released.

Remote control planned via smartphone

The prerequisite for using the maneuver assistant at the start in March is that the driver is in the car and initialized the process via the park button. As part of a further remote software upgrade to version “07/22” in July of next year, implementation is also planned to be remotely controlled via the smartphone.

The first functions on demand will follow in July

With the RSU “07/22”, BMW wants to offer the so-called “Functions on Demand” for the first time, that is, to enable hardware already installed in the vehicle for subsequently offered software functions. In the iX, this includes active cruise control with stop-and-go function as well as the steering and lane departure warning system. The hardware required for both systems is always installed ex works, but those who do not already decide to purchase the corresponding optional equipment can also activate them at a later date using the “Functions on Demand” function. The subsequent functions should also be advantageous when reselling the car, for example if the first owner does not need them, but the next owner wants to use them.

  • Roadmap for RSUs in the BMW iX

    Roadmap for RSUs in the BMW iX (Image: BMW)

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    RSUs bring further features

    Also planned for RSUs in the coming year are a new view of the driver assistance systems in the optional head-up display, which can be controlled via the steering wheel, a warning in the event of cross-traffic, a warning of vehicles when getting out, a recorder if the car is stolen Drive recorder via the USB interface and a new Parking Assistant Professional for automated parking after selecting a parking space on the infotainment system.

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