Group became VK

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The Russian technology corporation Group is renamed. And now the entire corporation, which includes many projects, including Odnoklassniki and VKontakte, will be called simply VK. This was announced at a video conference by the CEO of the company Boris Dobrodeyev. Group became VK

The top manager explained:

VK is a single brand for the entire company. Unlike Group, it will be presented not only at the corporate level, but also in our products, the users of which were not always aware of their connection with each other. For nearly a quarter of a century, we have been bringing technology for people and people together around technology. A single brand of the company will highlight all the opportunities that our ecosystem provides: communication and games, education (from school to professional), delivery of medicines and groceries, taxi, car sharing and online shopping, all business opportunities – from small to large – and much more. “.

While VK is becoming a single user and corporate brand for the entire company, the name VKontakte will remain as the brand of the social network. Some of the other projects of Group will be renamed, others will retain the name, but the mark and the VK logo will appear. For example, Boom, Worki and Lovina have already been renamed to VK Music, VK Work and VK Dating, but the Yula ad service will only turn into VK Ads in 2022. Group became VK

Also, all services will have such proprietary features as VK ID, VK Pay, VK Combo, and so on. All new products of the company will be immediately created under the VK brand.

The name will be retained by services that are leaders in their segments and have the most recognizable brands – apart from VKontakte, we are talking at least about Odnoklassniki and

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