iOS 15.1 Beta 3: Apple ProRes eats up to 6 GB of memory for one minute of video

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iOS 15.1 Beta 3: Apple ProRes eats up to 6 GB of memory for one minute of video

Apple has released iOS 15.1 Beta 3 for developers, the biggest innovation being the ProRes format for video recordings. Apple had presented the format for the keynote of the iPhone 13 Pro (Max), but it was not yet ready for its market launch. ProRes requires significantly more memory in 4K30 than a normal video recording.

ProRes is a format developed by Apple for recording and editing lossy compressed video data. The aim is to offer an end-to-end pro workflow from the iPhone to apps such as Final Cut Pro to output in professional productions. ProRes recordings are made in HDR with a maximum of 4K at 30 FPS.

128 GB models limited to Full HD at 30 FPS

At the keynote it was assumed that ProRes could become a real memory hog, because Apple limits the feature to Full HD with 30 FPS on the 128 GB models. 4K with a maximum of 30 FPS is only offered from the version with 256 GB. Information in iOS 15.1 Beta 3 now confirms this assumption.

4K30 HDR occupies 6 GB per minute

An HDR video recording in 4K30 using the H.265 code takes up about 190 MB of memory for one minute of video on the iPhone, without HDR it is 170 MB. In the less efficient H.264 format, it is 350 MB for SDR according to the information in the format settings. With Apple ProRes in 10-bit HDR, however, it is 6 GB for one minute of video in 4K30. According to 9to5mac ProRes 422HQ is used for this.

Viewfinder shows remaining recording time

In this respect, it is in a certain way understandable that Apple only offers 4K resolution from the iPhone 13 Pro with at least 256 GB. In the smaller model, the memory would otherwise be full after about 20 minutes, provided there is no other personal data on the smartphone besides the operating system. With ProRes, the remaining recording time is therefore displayed in the viewfinder. That Apple is now offering the devices with 1 TB of storage for the first time is also understandable.

Storage requirements for video recordings on the iPhone 13 Pro (Max)

The iPhone 13 Pro (Max) with 128 GB of storage supports ProRes in Full HD with 30 FPS, which is 1.7 GB for one minute of video. Below is an overview of the various recording formats from Apple and their storage requirements, although information on resolution / FPS below the maximum possible with ProRes is currently missing.

Deactivate automatic macro mode

Apart from ProRes, Apple introduced the option of deactivating the automatic switch to macro mode in the third beta. So far, the iPhone 13 Pro has acted in such a way that it automatically switches to the ultra-wide-angle camera with macro mode when the distance to the object is short. This behavior was negative to early testers, as this may not always happen intentionally. Shortly afterwards, Apple announced an update with the option to deactivate it, which will be available to everyone with iOS 15.1.

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