Google to force 150 million users to switch to two-factor authentication

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To deploy its strong authentication system more widely and improve cybersecurity, Google has decided to start coercing its users. The American company wants Internet users using its services not to protect their account with a simple password, reports 01net.

The Mountain View firm will soon automatically activate two-factor authentication for 150 million users of a Google account and for 2 million YouTube creators. The change will take place by the end of 2021, says Google in a blog post posted this Tuesday.

Some privileged users

Two-factor identification can be done via a notification received on the smartphone or via a security key. Google instead advocates the first option because of its ease of implementation on an Android or iOS device.

The 150 million Google accounts were selected according to their profile: Google favored users with a “suitable backup mechanism”, in other words the possibility of easily activating the second factor. YouTube creators who have not enabled strong authentication by November 1 will no longer be able to access the YouTube Studio space.

The digital giant was keen to reassure users who would have no two-factor identification option. He specifies that a new technology was going to be specially developed to “provide a practical and secure authentication experience” but also “to reduce dependence on passwords in the long term”.

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