Google: The Pixel 6 will have a “magic eraser” to erase strangers from your photos

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While Google must present in detail the Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 Pro, its future smartphones, on October 19, several information has already been leaked on certain new features.

They were unveiled by British retailer The Carphone Wearhouse. The latter has published all the pages devoted to the two future devices.

Integrated live translation

The Pixel 6 should thus have a “Magic Eraser”, a tool for erasing silhouettes or unwanted objects from its photos. It is a kind of magic eraser, similar to the functionality offered by Photoshop software, reports 01net.

Another great innovation: live translation. With its “Live Text” system, the Pixel 6 can automatically subtitle content in several languages. It will mainly offer instant translations.

Finally, a new widget will be available and will display information such as a QR code. If The Carphone Wearhouse has since unpublished the confidential information, several Internet users have taken screenshots of the pages, which have been widely circulated on social networks.

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