Google: Android 12 is ready, but images for download are not yet

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Google has completed Android 12 and is now distributing the new mobile operating system with the Android Open Source Project (AOSP). Images for download for certain smartphones are not yet available – not even for Google’s Pixel series. It has to be “in the next weeks” happen.

Google would like to thank over 225,000 users who have already tested Android 12 on compatible smartphones as part of the beta program that has been running since May. Over 50,000 bug reports have started in the beta program.

An overview of the new features of Android 12

The innovations in Android 12 mainly concern the design, the speed of the UI and data protection.

With Android 12, Google leads under the name “Material You“A new design language. Google wants to unite the software and hardware ecosystems under the new design language in the future.

Color extraction for new personalization options (Image: Google)

The operating system should also feel faster and more responsive and at the same time work more efficiently in order to extend the battery life. System services are said to require up to 22 percent less CPU time and the use of main services by the system server has been reduced by up to 15 percent.

The new notification bar should score with a clearer view of the current app notifications and prominently places which music is currently being listened to or which video is currently being watched.

Android 12 should also better visualize what happens to the personal data on the smartphone and give the user more control over it. Users should be able to decide for themselves how much private information apps can access. There is a new privacy dashboard in Android 12 for this.

With Android 12, Google is also making adjustments to its own distribution platform, Google Play, in response to developer feedback. In the future, it should be made easier for them to offer apps via alternative app stores. In the checkout process, Google highlights more clearly which apps must use Google’s payment system.

Android 12 runs from the Pixel 3

The final Android 12 supports all Google smartphones from pixel 3 as well as one as part of the beta small selection of third party smartphones. With the official completion, the first OEMs should shortly make initial statements about the update plan, usually starting with the top models. Samsung has already had the beta of Android 12 tested in its own beta program on the Galaxy S21, Galaxy S21 + and Galaxy S21 Ultra (test) – including a new version of One UI.

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