“God of War” will finally land on PC

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It had been anticipated for a few months, now it is official. God of war will indeed arrive on PC. The game suddenly appeared on Steam and the Epic Games Store with a release announced for January 14, 2022.

Kratos in all its splendor

The official Steam page already provides some information on the new features that will accompany this release on PC. The game will now be able to be viewed in true 4K resolution with unlocked frame rates. The joys of monster slicing in 120 fps are yours. The game will benefit from new visual effects including improved screen space reflections or the addition of GTAO and SSDO technologies.

God of War is coming to PC
God of War will be released on PC – Geeko The game is sold at 49.99 euros.

God of war Upon release, it will be Nvidia DLSS compatible to improve performance on compatible Nvidia graphics cards. It will also support Nvidia Reflex, a technology that reduces latency and makes it possible to react more quickly in the face of danger.

Finally, the game will not be limited to 16/9 and it will be possible to cross the Northern Kingdoms in 21: 9 on ultra-wide screens, which should further highlight the cinematic qualities of the game.

Towards the end of frontiers

For some time now, PlayStation exclusives have been gradually coming to PC. This arrival is no longer as big a surprise as it may have been Detroit: Become Human Where Horizon: Zero Dawn. However, it is still great news for players to see the barriers between the different ecosystems come down.

When it was released in 2018, the universe had known seduce our editorial staff. We can therefore only rejoice in its arrival on PC. In the meantime, we leave you with the trailer for this PC version.

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