for this they will use … balloons of the World View company

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A company called World View has entered the space tourism market. World View positions itself as a leading company in the creation of stratospheric balloons. Now it has announced an expansion of its services, calling its offer “the cheapest and longest available space travel on our planet.”

Anyone will be able to fly into

World View is already taking pre-orders for very high flights in a balloon suspended capsule. Initially, you need to pay $ 500, but the actual seat on a commercial flight will cost $ 50,000.

World View says the company has “flexible financing options” for those who cannot afford to pay $ 50,000 straight away. Commercial flights are expected to start in 2024, with the first flight already booked by Space For Humanity.

World View plans to carry out launches from different parts of the planet, located near the Seven Wonders of the World. Each location has a large structure or landmark that can be seen from a very high altitude.

The five-day journey includes not only flight, but excursions that allow clients to explore places in different ways. Each flight will include eight participants and a pair of World View crew members. The capsules will rise to an altitude of about 30 km, flights will last from 6 to 12 hours. This is roughly three times the limit of space, so claiming the cheapest spaceflight is pure marketing to grab attention.

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