Fires: Google Maps launches a new layer to inform about forest fires

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In order to help its users to better inform themselves about forest fires, Google Maps announced on Wednesday the launch of a new layer on its maps. The feature has been soberly dubbed “Wildfire”, reports Lemon Juicer.

“With climate change, forest fires are more and more frequent,” explains Rebecca Moore, director of Google Earth and Earth Engine, in a blog post. “With the Wildfire layer, you can get up-to-date details on multiple fires at once, allowing you to make quick and informed decisions in an emergency. “

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In 2020, a similar option was launched in the United States to allow residents to precisely locate forest fires. The layer available on Google Maps allows clicking on a fire in order to access useful data, such as “emergency websites, phone numbers for help and information, and evacuation details. », Says Google.

The functionality also gives information such as the area burned or the fire-fighting means that have been put in place. The option has already been rolled out on Android and will arrive on iOS and the web version in October.

Google took the opportunity to announce the expansion of Tree Canopy Insights to around 100 cities by 2022. This initiative uses artificial intelligence to identify heat islands in metropolitan areas and indicate to local authorities where it would be interesting to plant trees. , in order to provide shade and freshness to the inhabitants.

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