Far Cry 6 in the technology test

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More than two and a half years after the release of Far Cry New Dawn, Far Cry 6 is a new offshoot of the open world shooter series. The game made a good impression in the technology test. But in spite of the optimized PC version, DXR ray tracing, FSR and HD texture package, the look does not seem “next gen”.

Update 10/7/2021 4:51 p.m.

ComputerBase did not play Far Cry 6 itself for a classic game test, but summarized the opinions of other game magazines in order to be able to give a comprehensive picture of the impression beyond the technology.

Update 10/7/2021 11:15 a.m.

ComputerBase has now tested four different processors in Far Cry 6. This shows that the game also needs a fast CPU for high frame rates and that four cores without Hyper-Threading / SMT are once again too few.

Update 10/6/2021 4:47 p.m.

ComputerBase has added further graphics card benchmarks in Full HD, WQHD and Ultra HD, with a total of up to 18 graphics cards to the Far Cry 6 test, both with deactivated and activated ray tracing. This means that 3D accelerators from GeForce GTX 1060 to Radeon RX 5600 XT to GeForce RTX 3080 Ti and Radeon RX 6900 XT are represented in the test field.

A good two and a half years after Far Cry New Dawn (test), Ubisoft is sending the popular open-world shooter series on a new adventure. Far Cry 6 is based strongly on its predecessors and does not reinvent the wheel. Nevertheless, there are some changes with an adapted scenario, a new story and an improved open world that make the game appear fresh again after the waiting time.

Despite some innovations, the graphic is no longer “AAA”

The same applies to the graphics. Like its predecessors, Far Cry 6 uses the in-house Dunia 2 engine, but has several improvements compared to New Dawn and the game looks quite chic overall. From time to time it is even really nice, because the level design in combination with the sunlight makes for really chic moments. However, there are also scenarios in which the graphics only appear average. At night in particular, Far Cry 6 does not look beautiful and also not up-to-date.

With a modern AAA game you can expect a little more. The competing Assassin’s Creed series from the same company, for example, offers clearly more to the eye. Far Cry 6’s graphics are definitely not “Next Gen”. There are too many weaknesses for that.

With ray tracing and FSR there are important upgrades

Far Cry 6 still offers important improvements over its predecessor on the PC. The only API available is DirectX 12 – the DirectX 11 used so far is completely left out. In line with this, Microsoft’s own DXR extension supports ray tracing, whereby the rays are used for nicer reflections and the shadows. AMD’s upscaling technology FidelityFX Super Resolution (test) is also on board. And with an optional downloadable HD texture pack, there are particularly detailed surfaces.

For some time now, Ubisoft has always been offering first-class graphics menus on the PC in terms of convenience and features, and this is also the case with Far Cry 6. There are very few other games that can offer such variety. In addition to the classics such as four different graphic presets (“Low”, “Medium”, “High”, “Ultra”) and numerous individual detail options, there are many other setting options available.

Far Cry 6 offers an FPS limiter that can be freely activated between 30 and 144 FPS in 1-FPS steps – or remains off. In-game downsampling and upsampling are available, whereby the resolution can be freely configured in the range of factors 0.5 × and 2.0 ×. In addition, like on consoles, there is a separately activated dynamic resolution that tries to keep the frame rate either above 30 FPS or 60 FPS.

  • Far Cry 6's graphics menu

    Far Cry 6’s graphics menu

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    The PC version was developed in cooperation with AMD, as a result of which some AMD features have also been added to the game. FidelityFX Super Resolution includes its own upscaling technology and FidelityFX CAS, an automatic resharpening filter from the AMD modular system.

    Far Cry 6’s graphics menu also offers a lot apart from the features. There are sample screenshots for the individual graphic options and the more complex functions have been given a more detailed description. In addition, a VRAM display and an integrated benchmark are at the start.

    Optional HD textures require more memory

    Far Cry 6 offers optionally downloadable, higher-resolution textures, which are simply called “HD textures” in the game. If you switch to or from HD textures, you have to restart the game. HD textures are not uncommon for the Far Cry range. The effects that HD textures have in Far Cry 6, on the other hand, are already there.

    Without HD textures, Far Cry 6 doesn’t need a lot of VRAM. 8 GB is enough for everything – up to Ultra HD including ray tracing. In FHD and WQHD it looks like the HD textures won’t change anything. This assessment is quickly refuted in Ultra HD and with ray tracing.

    In UHD, 12 GB of VRAM are mandatory

    Ultra HD with HD textures is simply not playable with only 8 GB of VRAM. Far Cry 6 then ends in a single jerk orgy. And not only that: even 10 GB is not enough. After the first load everything runs smoothly, but after a while or even just opening the map for a short time, everything is over. Far Cry 6 doesn’t just run slower or stall every now and then, but there are single-digit frame rates – constant. With 12 GB of memory, however, there are no longer any problems, which even applies to ray tracing with UHD.

    The editors cannot guarantee that this will not change after a while, but Far Cry 6 deletes clearly visible data from the VRAM every now and then when it is no longer needed. 12 GB did not show any problems in the test, and most likely they will not even after a long period of play.

  • HD Textures On

    HD Textures On

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    In order to be able to assess the texture quality, the images should be viewed in their original size (Ultra HD) without any scaling.

    The textures show more details

    Now, of course, the question arises whether the HD textures senselessly use up more memory (it wouldn’t be the first HD texture package that doesn’t look better in the game), or whether there really is more detail to be seen. The all-clear follows immediately: The HD textures look better than the standard textures. The difference is not huge and those who do without the better surfaces do not get to see “pixel surfaces” straight away. But the most beautiful surfaces in the game are only available with HD textures.

    This does not only apply to certain areas, something always looks more beautiful in the picture with HD textures. The only question is how much of the screen content this affects. In some scenes you have to look carefully to see a difference. In others, however, significantly more details can be seen. Most of the time, as is so often the case, the truth lies somewhere in between. The HD textures are not necessarily sharper in Far Cry 6 either, because there are sometimes new subtleties to be seen on the surfaces. Above all, there is significantly more rust to be seen, which is only hinted at on the SD surfaces.

    As usual with textures, the viewing distance plays an important role. If you stand directly in front of an object, the HD textures are much more noticeable than at a great distance. In that case the effect is much smaller.

  • HD textures (900p excerpt from a 2,160p screenshot)

    HD textures (900p excerpt from a 2,160p screenshot)

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