Facebook deploys audio lounges worldwide to compete with Clubhouse

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Jealous of the attractiveness of Internet users for the brand new Clubhouse, Facebook has embarked on the vast project of developing its audio offer. Since June, the social network has launched “Live Audio Rooms”, which make it possible to converse, in the United States. This new feature, intended to compete with Clubhouse, is now available to everyone, reports The Verge relayed by 01Net.

For the moment, the creation of an audio chat room can only be done from an Android or iOS smartphone. From the web version of Facebook, users can eavesdrop on the conversation, but they cannot interact.

Specific moderation tools

Only administrators will be able to manage chat access for these group audio rooms. Other new features should arrive soon, including a podcast service, already deployed for American users.

Facebook should also soon make available “Soundbites”, short voice clips inspired by the Reels. Specific moderation tools are being developed for these new exchange channels in order to counter inappropriate content that could be broadcast, adds 01net.

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