Facebook becomes Meta: Marc Zuckerberg gives his child a new name

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Facebook will be called Meta in the future and will bundle all of its technologies and apps under a new brand into a single “Metaverse”, as Facebook CEO and founder Marc Zuckerberg announced at Connect 2021.

VR and AR are supposed to bring reality into the metaverse

It is the company’s goal, according to Zuckerberg in his Foundation letterto bring this metaverse to life and enable people within it to network with friends and family, find communities and start new businesses. Online and reality should merge more closely.

In the metaverse, today’s online social experiences merge with the real world. It is enriched by completely virtual, three-dimensional experiences and projections.

Marc Zuckerberg, CEO of Meta

As part of a keynote at the in-house conference Connect 2021 Marc Zuckerberg also informed the participants how this step into the metaverse should succeed, the “enables shared virtual experiences that could never take place in reality“. CNET has made Marc Zuckerberg’s complete keynote available on YouTube, in which the meta-boss explains the tools with which reality should be integrated into the metaverse.

During the ten-minute keynote, it also becomes clear that the Metaversum is primarily a future project that will be the next generation of Mixed Reality on the virtual reality headset Oculus Quest 2 will be created. This should then also “the next generations“The content creator will be trained for the project. The company informs about the modifications to Facebook that have taken place so far, which preceded the renaming to Meta, in its Meta Design Blog and meta.com.

When Facebook was founded in 2004, it revolutionized the way people network and interact with one another. Apps like Messenger, Instagram and WhatsApp have given billions of people new ways to communicate.

Now Meta is breaking the boundaries of two-dimensionality and is relying on immersive experiences such as augmented reality and virtual reality to make a contribution to the further development of social technologies.


The terminology Metaverse or “Metaverse” was developed very strongly in the technical context by the former chief strategist of Amazon Studios Matthew Ball disseminated, who also explains the background on his website.

Family of Apps and Reality Labs

Our corporate structure will not change“, Asserts the group in its official Press release, but the way Meta will report on its finances will be different from Facebook’s. In future, the company will provide information about its finances in the two operational areas “Family of Apps” and “Reality Labs”. From December 1st, Meta will no longer be listed on the US stock exchange under the abbreviation FB2A but under MVRS.

Our corporate structure will not change, but the way in which we will report on our finances will. Starting with the results of the fourth quarter of 2021, we plan to report on two operational units: The Family of Apps and the Reality Labs.

We also intend to start trading under the new stock ticker, MVRS, which we have reserved on December 1st. Today’s announcement does not affect how we use or share information.


Most recently, Facebook stood after the revelations by the US computer scientist and whistleblower Frances Haugen strong in criticism. From 2018 to 2021 she worked as a senior product manager for Facebook and heavily burdened the group with the “Facebook files” published in the Wall Street Journal in September.

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