Edge 96.0 for Windows 11: Chromium browser allows voice input in websites

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Edge 96.0 for Windows 11: Chromium browser allows voice input in websites

Microsoft has published version 96.0 of its Chromium browser Edge in the Dev Channel of the in-house Insider program. For the first time under Windows 11, the browser also enables voice input on or in websites. In addition, numerous improvements and bug fixes have been incorporated.

Write comments quickly by speaking

The official Release Notespublished in the Microsoft Tech Community in the Edge Insider Program, the website provides Deskmodder.de available in already translated form. In addition to voice input in websites, which can be activated by right-clicking ➝ “Voice input” and then used, for example, to write comments, the following improvements and corrections have been made.


  • An item has been added to the menu that right-click on tabs will move the tab to another profile, even if no windows are currently open for that profile.
  • A button has been added to the main feedback dialog with which you can easily go to the “Recreate my problem” sub-dialog.
  • An X has been added to dismiss certain toast notifications that appear when managing collections.
  • Added a button to quit Immersive Reader on iPad.
  • Improved notification if the web widget cannot be opened because an extension has disabled it.

Fixed issues

  • Fixed a bug that occurred when a window for one profile was opened while a window for another profile was open.
  • The problem of a crash when displaying settings in a guest window has been fixed.
  • There was a crash when using Internet Explorer mode.
  • Fixed a crash when using third-party autofill providers on Android.
  • Fixed a crash on Android when something was downloaded.
  • Crashes under Android 12 and also on the iPad have been fixed
  • A crash in WebView2 applications when opening a context menu has been fixed
  • Further corrections: Microsoft Tech Community

Microsoft Edge 96.0.1032.0 – Release Notes

In addition to Windows PCs with Windows 11 and Windows 10, the latest Edge browser can be tried out in the Xbox Insider program. The new voice input in websites is initially only available under Windows 11.

Enabled voice typing in web pages (only) on Windows 11.


Download on ComputerBase

The stable version 94.0 for Windows and macOS can be downloaded as usual directly below this message from the download area of ​​ComputerBase. The Microsoft Edge in version 95.0 and 96.0 is only available via the Microsoft Edge Insider Channels Beta, Dev and Canary available.


  • Microsoft Edge

    3.8 stars

    The successor to the old Microsoft Edge now based on Chromium for Windows and macOS.

    • Version 94.0.992.38 German

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