Community: Photo competition on the subject of “tunnel vision”

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With the theme of “tunnel vision”, the community photo competition attracts visitors in October with a theme that is extremely open to interpretation. Having a tunnel view or looking into a tunnel are just two ideas that registered members can submit by October 19, taking into account the conditions of participation.

The community then decides on the winners by means of a survey. As usual, the winner then determines the motto for the photo competition of the following month.

KPK with two wins in a row

The photo competition in September was dedicated to the subject of “Negative Space”, a very difficult area in terms of photography. The aim was to lure the viewer to focus on the subject with emptiness in the picture.

With 20 submitted recordings, the most diverse implementations of the topic were shown. With 46 out of a total of 264 votes, the ComputerBase reader “KPK” won, which was already victorious in August. The winner adorns the teaser of this note.

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