China: Apple attacked by students unhappy that iPhones sold without chargers

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A complaint has been filed against Apple by a coalition of students in China. Young people criticize the American company for no longer providing a charger with its iPhones. You have to spend more money to get the accessory.

To defend itself, the brand claimed to have made this decision for ecological purposes, reports Phonandroid. Since 2020, it no longer puts a charger in the boxes of smartphones, allowing it to reduce the size of the packaging. As a result, Apple was able to save on transportation costs while reducing its carbon footprint.

Encourage consumption

The apple brand added that many of its users already have a charger in their possession. By purchasing the iPhone 12 Pro Max, one of the coalition students also noticed that the Lightning to USB-C cable, included in the box, is not compatible with the old AC chargers provided by Apple.

The plaintiffs who went to court in Beijing accuse the Californian firm of pushing its users to buy the Magsafe magnetic refill and the new accessories associated with it. Apple responded that its main competitors, such as Samsung or Google, also do not provide a charger when purchasing a smartphone.

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