Boomster Go: The bluetooth speaker that hooks or screws and follows you anywhere

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The world of nomadic speakers is paved with good and bad products. Among the first, the new Boomster Go of the German brand
Teufel than 20 minutes has tested. Sold for 79 euros, this portable speaker has certain qualities that others do not have and offers, on arrival, a good performance / price ratio.

The Boomster Go is available in different colors, including navy blue.
The Boomster Go is available in different colors, including navy blue. – TEUFEL

Elegant and waterproof

As soon as we have the Teufel Booster Go speaker in hand, we know that it will not let us down. Robust with its contours and its shock-absorbing rubber base, its surface is covered with a fabric grille whose very fine mesh suggests that nothing untoward can happen to it.

The Boomster Go is not afraid of water.
The Boomster Go is not afraid of water. – TEUFEL

With the IPX7 standard, the enclosure is obviously resistant to water projection, but also to immersion up to 30 minutes at a depth of one meter. Let’s say it: its manufacturing quality is exemplary, with beautiful finishes, but also colors that appeal to the retina (orange, green, gray, black and a pretty navy blue).

9 hours of battery life

Recharging via USB (a pity that Teufel chose an ancestral micro USB port and not USB-C!), The speaker announces an autonomy of ten hours, which we were indeed able to verify. Placed on the corner of our desk to accompany us during a whole day of work, its 2600 mAh battery ran out of steam while we were out of breath ourselves, that is to say at the end of the day after about 9 hours of activity.

Bass that does not saturate

The musical quality of the Boosmer Go is very real. First, the speaker takes care to integrate a full range speaker that adapts well to any playlist. Above all, Teufel had the good idea to add two passive radiators on the sides which amplify the bass presence of the device. In addition, the so-called “Push Pull” process prevents them from any distortion. This system is not new. It allows, by coupling two speakers face to face or back to back, to reinforce the presence of bass in a small space, without saturation.

Strap and no screws

To the ear, the result is attractive. The Boomster Go can turn up in volume while maintaining a good level of bass, a good balance with the mids and highs, without the sound quality having to suffer. Note only here that the louder the music, the more bass will dominate the score. It can be a bit annoying if you are a fan of demanding musical repertoire, such as jazz or classical. But the primary vocation of the Boomster Go remains to accompany us in our outings.

The Boomster Go can follow us everywhere.
The Boomster Go can follow us everywhere. – TEUFEL

Finally quite discreet (10.2 x 10.7 x 4.6 cm for 355 grams), it has the good idea to be equipped with a wrist strap but also with a screw thread (a rare thing on this type of equipment). We can thus fix it without too much difficulty on the handlebars of a scooter or a bicycle. The most assiduous can even pedal in stereo since it is possible to couple two speakers Booster Go between them. It is also an interesting point to equip a tablet or a smartphone with stereo speakers. They will offer more immersion to the user for games or videos.

Two Boomster Go speakers can be linked to form a stereo pair.
Two Boomster Go speakers can be linked to form a stereo pair. – TEUFEL

In the price range (79 euros) of the Boomster Go, there are many contenders. The Sony SRS-XB23 Extra Bass offers a more muscular sound but takes up more space. The
Wonderboom 2 of Ultimate Ears can increase in volume but does not have a hands-free kit. As for the JBL
Flip Essential, its tubular shape hardly allows it to be hung on a two-wheeler. Ah, that tough choice …

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