BMW RSU 07/21: New update comes first for My BMW app users

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BMW RSU 07/21: New update comes first for My BMW app users

Image: BMW

BMW is distributing the next Remote Software Upgrade (RSU) to vehicles with BMW OS 7 that rolled off the assembly line before July of this year without the current version. This time, the exclusive distribution for a short time is initially only available to users of the My BMW app. The RSU introduces changes in several areas.

The current RSU is the third of this year that BMW is offering around 2 million vehicles worldwide this time with the corresponding installation requirements. Specifically, at least the RSU 07/20 from last summer, with which the digital key of the first generation (test) was introduced, is required in order to be able to load the current 07/21. According to BMW, this already applies to 1.6 million vehicles; 400,000 more cars must first make the intermediate step to 07/20 for 07/21.

Users of the app come first

BMW uses the new version as an incentive to install and use the My BMW app, which the old BMW Connected app has successively inherited. BMW wants to offer these users the new RSU exclusively within the app for two weeks, only then should all other owners be offered the update directly in the vehicle. The RSU can first be loaded on the smartphone and later transferred to the car.

This is new with the RSU 07/21

The RSU 07/21 brings the following improvements and changes:

  • Avoidance of unnecessary steering interventions by improving the lane keeping function on narrowing streets without center markings as well as calculated cornering.
  • See what the BMW sees. This is possible with the new Assisted View. When Active Cruise Control (ACC) is activated, the BMW recognizes the traffic situation around the vehicle in flowing traffic, even in fog. This function means more convenience and more security, now also in China.
  • More comprehensive data acquisition of traffic jam reports via RTTI (Real Time Traffic Information) allows BMW Maps to plan routes and predict arrival times even more precisely.
  • Spotify podcast playlists can now be called up in the vehicle via BMW Connected Music. A login via the Spotify app in the vehicle and BMW Connected Music automatically activates this function.
  • Improved driver recognition in the vehicle ensures that no matter where the vehicle key is in the vehicle, the correct driver profile is loaded.
  • The new BMW M Sound Control for the BMW M3 and BMW M4 promises pure emotions. Whether starting the engine, shifting gears or changing between the driving experience modes. Just in case there is a customizable interior sound and a unique BMW M sound experience.
  • An extended volume control for Android smartphones that are connected to the vehicle via Bluetooth ensures an improved sound experience when streaming music or podcasts.

In addition, with the RSU, BMW is again delivering so-called “technical service scopes”, ie bug fixes of previous functions, which are not explained in more detail in the current BMW release notes. The availability of services and functions generally depends on the vehicle model and equipment as well as the software version installed in the respective country.

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