BloodyStealer: Your Steam, Epic and Origin accounts threatened by this malware

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While banking Trojans seem to be more and more popular lately, gamers may encounter other significant threats online. The most recent example is the BloodyStealer malware which is used to steal the credentials of the most popular gaming platforms.

According to reports from Securelist, a company belonging to Kaspersky, BloodyStealer would be used to steal player profiles on services such as Steam, Epic Games, Origin, GOG or Bethesda. Like any good Trojan horse, it was designed to effectively hide itself on infected computers, without players noticing its presence.

Easy-to-use malware

Kaspersky said BloodyStealer has caught the attention of its specialists due to the use of several methods that aim to prevent software analysis and reverse engineering. To achieve this, the malware uses compression and anti-debugging techniques, among other things.

Malware steals Steam, Epic and Origin accounts
Malware steals Steam, Epic and Origin accounts – Geeko The software is easily accessible on the Internet.

The software is a Maas (Malware as a Service), which means that it can be purchased online, on the darknet, relatively easily and already configured according to the “needs” of the customers. The software costs only $ 10 per month and around $ 40 for a lifetime license. This ease of use and its more than affordable price have allowed it to become popular all over the world. Attacks have thus been detected in Europe, Latin America and Asia.

BloodyStealer wasn’t created just to steal player accounts, however. It is indeed able to extract passwords from browsers, cookies, bank details or keyboard entries. It also knows how to take screenshots of infected computers. All of its features have made it very popular with hackers.

Malware steals Steam, Epic and Origin accounts
Malware steals Steam, Epic and Origin – Geeko accounts Over 65,600 credentials are sold for $ 150.

Passwords at broken prices

The information obtained by BloodyStealer allows hackers to quickly recoup the costs of the software. Kaspersky research shows that there is a huge demand for gaming account credentials on the darknet. And sorry to disappoint you, your account isn’t worth much. Game identifiers with their passwords for popular platforms are sold for the modest sum of $ 150 for 65,600 registrations. Or about 0.2 cents per account.

Malware steals Steam, Epic and Origin accounts
Malware steals Steam, Epic and Origin accounts – Geeko Games are sold for a fraction of their real value.

Games can also be sold for a fraction of their price, such as Need For Speed ​​Heat that we find for $ 0.39. This paltry sum shows how easy it is to access a person’s information and that only the mass of data can make them profitable. It should be noted, however, that the information included in this type of archive includes a large number of obsolete data.

How to avoid these data thefts

In addition to losing your gaming account, this type of theft can have more serious consequences. Cybercriminals or buyers can thus use the account to launder money, distribute phishing links, and do other illegal things. It is therefore important to protect yourself from it.

The most effective method to prevent this type of data theft and avoid losing access to your account is to protect them with strong passwords and two-factor authentication. This will prevent another person from logging into your account, even if they have your credentials.

It is also important to pay attention to links to external sites that are posted in chat rooms. If a website requires you to provide login information, keep in mind that it could have been designed by hackers to pretend to be the site and take advantage of it to steal your data. Finally, only download software from official sources to reduce the risk.

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