Battlefield 2042: Frugal Open Beta starts next week

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Battlefield 2042: Frugal Open Beta starts next week

Image: EA

Battlefield 2042 can be tried out in a week as part of the announced Open Beta. The system requirements have increased slightly compared to the predecessor. It is primarily the hard drives that should get bigger and faster.

The test phase, which has been postponed to November 19th parallel to the postponement of the game, begins on October 6th for pre-orderers and EA Play customers. All others may only play from October 8th, but the preload is always possible from October 5th. The “Orbital” map can then be played in the game mode Conquest, on which a space rocket starts during the match and thus changes the playing field significantly. There is also a choice of four specialist classes.

System requirements hardly increase

Compared to the roughly three-year-old Battlefield V (test), changes to the system requirements are limited. The minimum requirements only show a change in two areas: A GeForce GTX 1050 becomes the slightly faster Ti model, the AMD FX-8350 is replaced by a considerably faster Ryzen 5 3600.

At Intel, however, a Core i5 6600K is still the minimum requirement for the game, i.e. a considerably slower CPU, while the optimal requirements on the AMD side continue to name the Ryzen 7 2700X, which has two additional cores compared to the Ryzen 5, but fewer Performance per cycle.

These changes do not seem plausible, especially since an Intel Core i7-4790 with four cores and eight threads is already mentioned as the recommended choice for an Intel system. This suggests that Battlefield 2042 didn’t develop a spontaneous hunger for processor performance overnight. The recommendation of eight gigabytes of video memory, which numerous Nvidia graphics cards such as the RTX 2060 would exclude, should also be treated with caution. What is really necessary to play will only show benchmarks on ComputerBase when the shooter is released.

Battlefield 2042 requires 100 GB of storage

It can only be significantly more with the hard disk. Instead of 50, 100 gigabytes of storage space are required; as with other games of the current generation, an SSD is now recommended. The increasing space requirement will largely be explained by the new portal mode, which provides maps, equipment and vehicles from older Battlefield hits and is intended to form the core of a Battlefield service offering in the long term.

System requirements for Battlefield 2042

Update 09/30/2021 2:03 p.m.

Battlefield 2042 already supports Nvidia’s API Reflex (test) in the open beta, which can reduce the latency on compatible Nvidia graphics cards within the GPU limit, but DLSS is not yet integrated. A post on the reveals that Nvidia blog on the subject.

There it says after the reference to the already usable reflex that “Nvidia DLSS will also soon be usable in Battlefield 2042“. Raytracing is not mentioned with any syllable. When the game was announced at Gamescom at the end of August, Nvidia lOnly spoken of reflex and DLSS, although in the context of the publication under the generic term “GeForce RTX technologies” there was also talk of ray tracing in other games. Via Twitter, Nvidia had even, possibly unconsciously, given the impression that both DLSS and ray tracing would find their way into the new Battlefield.

According to the new announcement about the beta, the ray tracing implementation should be at least longer in coming, it is probably not planned at all and the tweet was chosen unhappily.

No ray tracing in Battlefield V may come as a surprise, as Battlefield V was the first title to be available with ray tracing effects at the end of 2018. The fact that the technology was even used in the multiplayer title, however, has been criticized worldwide. Reason: The optical gimmicks possible with ray tracing would not play a role in the fast shooter and in the end only cost performance. It is possible that the EA and Nvidia looked similar this time and do without an implementation

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