Apple Watch Series 7: narrower bezels, larger display and more protection

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The Apple Watch Series 7 does not rely on a completely new design with fewer curves and flattened sides, as was previously suspected, but on the previous design of the Apple Watch Series 6 (test). Nevertheless, Apple has placed a larger screen in the slightly differently shaped housing.

Curved display with fewer bezels

According to Apple, the edges are 40 percent narrower (1.7 mm) than on the Apple Watch 6, and the display is also curved at the edge, so that it also allows a small view from the side, which Apple uses in new dials to To place the digits at the very edge. The new model is available in the two sizes “41 mm” and “45 mm”.

Brighter, deactivated display and faster loading

The always-on display is said to be 70 percent brighter when deactivated than in the Series 6. The battery life of one day (18 hours), which Apple also mentions for the Apple Watch 6, is said to have not changed. A powerful, magnetic USB-C fast charging mechanism on the underside ensures that the Apple Watch 7 should be fully charged after 45 minutes.

  • Apple Watch Series 7

    Apple Watch Series 7 (Image: Apple)

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    More stable and protection against dust

    Since more information can now fit on the screen, Apple also offers a full keyboard on the touch display, which can also be operated using swipe gestures (QuickPath). At the same time, according to Apple, the new Apple Watch 7 is more stable than the old model, as the 50 percent thicker glass is more unbreakable and the watch is now protected against dust in accordance with IP6X. In terms of water resistance (WR50), however, nothing has changed.

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    Apple Watch Series 7 (Image: Apple)

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    Fall detection while cycling

    The Apple Watch 7 now also recognizes when a bicycle is being ridden and starts a training session. The use of an eBike should also be recognized and is available as a training program. Fall detection while cycling should make it quicker and easier to call for help in an emergency.

    The Apple Watch 7 also supports the recording of the breathing rate during sleep, which is integrated in the new watchOS 8.

    5 colors, bracelets remain compatible

    The new Apple Watch 7 is compatible with all Series 6 bracelets, but there are new colors for the new model, because the aluminum version of the Apple Watch 7 is also available in a total of five partially new colors (black, silver, green, blue and Red) available. The stainless steel version is also still available in silver, space gray and gold.

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    Apple Watch Series 7 (Image: Apple)

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    Series 3, SE, and Series 7

    The range of Apple Watches will in future include the Apple Watch Series 3, Apple Watch SE and the new Apple Watch Series 7. The Series 3 and SE remain unchanged in the program, with the SE receiving a USB-C charging cable from September 16.

    Apple Watch Series 7 Apple Watch Series 7 Apple Watch Series 7 Apple Watch Series 7 (Image: Apple)

    At the presentation, Apple did not reveal whether the Apple Watch Series 7 will continue to be based on the S6 processor based on the A13. As soon as further technical details become known, these will be added.

    Later from $ 399

    When the Apple Watch Series 7 will be available, Apple did not say today, but only spoke of “later that fall“. With “from 399 US dollars”, Apple already mentioned the starting price for the cheapest model.

    Update 09/15/2021 11:42 am

    Processor of the predecessor for the Watch Series 7

    As has become known in the meantime, the Apple Watch Series 7 relies on the SoC of the Apple Watch Series 6. In this area, with the S6 processor, as already suspected yesterday, there have been no adjustments or performance improvements for the new model.

    Update 10/04/2021 4:01 p.m.

    While the new iPhone 13 and iPads are already available to buy, Apple itself still owed the deadline for the new Apple Watch Series 7. Now it is known: The smartwatch can be pre-ordered from October 8, next Friday at 2 p.m., delivery will start a week later on October 15. In Germany, the starting price is 429 euros. The entry-level prices for the Apple Watch SE and the Apple Watch Series 3 remain the same at 299 and 219 euros, respectively.

    Update 10/8/2021 2:54 p.m.

    Apple Watch Series 7, Apple Watch Nike Series 7 and Apple Watch Hermès Series 7 have been available since 2 p.m. order from Apple. Made of aluminum and equipped with the sports bracelets as well as a Nike edition, the watch starts at 429 euros in 41 mm and 459 euros in 45 mm. With the braided or leather bracelets, the price is 479 euros and 509 euros. For LTE connectivity, a surcharge of 100 euros is due for all variants.

    In stainless steel, the Apple Watch costs at least 729 euros with a sports bracelet. In combination with a leather or Milanese bracelet, the starting price is 779 euros, but depending on the exact selection it can be 829 euros. With the link bracelet in silver or black, the starting price rises to 1,029 euros. With these models, too, the price difference from 41 mm to 45 mm is 50 euros and LTE costs an additional 100 euros. If the case is made of titanium, the base price rises to 879 euros, larger models, LTE and more expensive bracelets cost accordingly more.

    As an Apple Watch Hermès Series 7, the smartwatch costs at least 1,329 euros with a simple Swift leather strap. The case of this model is always made of stainless steel and costs 50 euros more for 45 mm. Extravagant Hermès bracelets such as the “Gourmette Double Tour Barénia leather bracelet Fauve” can raise the base price to 1,859 euros.

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