Apple: It’s (finally) possible to find your lost AirPods more easily

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It’s a feature that many people have been waiting for. Users of Apple AirPods Pro headphones and AirPods Max headphones now have the ability to locate their accessory. Apple has decided to meet this expectation by adding the “Locate” function to these two devices, reports
01Net this Wednesday.

This feature is going to be added to AirPods Pro and AirPods Max via an update. Once installed, it will allow users to find headphones or their headphones via a dedicated interface. Thanks to this, it will be possible to get hold of a lost accessory, including inside an apartment or a house.

If you move away from your AirPods … you get a notification

Concretely, this interface will indicate to the user if he is near or far from the headphones. However, no indication of distance or direction can be displayed on the screen. This update also adds another feature: sending a notification when the user gets too far away from their AirPods. This can be very handy to prevent the user from realizing (too late) that he has forgotten them somewhere.

A last mode will make its appearance. This feature, called “Lost”, will allow AirPods owners to report when they think they’ve lost their earphones or headphones. All the iPhones in the world will then be put on alert. If someone misses your lost accessory, the “Locate” network will notify you of their new location. Also, someone trying to pair your AirPods to their iPhone would get a message with your phone number. This update can be installed on AirPods Pro or AirPods Max but it is not compatible with AirPods 2.

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