Apple is the new video game market leader thanks to the App Store

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Apple, the new heavyweight in video games? This is the astonishing lesson that emerges from the profits reaped in 2019 by the sector, according to revelations from the Wall Street Journal relayed by BFMTV.

That year, Apple would have collected $ 8.5 billion in profits from video game sales made on its App Store. This figure places the American firm far ahead of the usual giants of this market.

The 30% commission controversy

Thus, Apple made more profits in 2019 than Sony, Nintendo, Microsoft and Activision Blizzard … combined. Its profits even exceed those of the other four $ 2 billion companies, while the apple firm has not developed or created any games itself.

In total, the App Store enabled Apple to earn $ 65 billion in profits in 2019. This impressive revenue is tied to the 30% commission imposed by the company on all transactions made on the app store. Regarding video games, this affects both game purchases and those made in games.

In 2019, three behemoths were released on the App Store: “Fortnite”, “Call of Duty Mobile” and “Honor of Kings”. The first has since been withdrawn from the store, the publisher of the game Epic Games is currently on trial against Apple, which it accuses of anti-competitive practices. The famous 30% commission is also targeted by these accusations.

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