App Store apps will soon have to offer account deletion

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Apple announced on Wednesday that a new rule will soon be imposed on applications available on the App Store. From January 31, 2022, they will all have to offer users an option to delete their account.

The measure obviously only concerns applications that offer or require users to create an account, reports The Verge relayed by 01net. Today, iPhone owners are often content to delete the app without deleting their account, often discouraged by the need to visit the publisher’s website to do so.

Protect personal data

All these applications will next year “allow users to initiate the deletion of their account from the application”, now indicates version 5.1.1 of the guide for the evaluation of programs from Apple. The removal process must start in the app but can continue on a website.

The measure was taken with a view to respecting the personal data of users. In its guide, Apple encourages developers to take responsibility on this subject. “We encourage you to consult all the laws” in the matter, indicates the giant of the tech.

At the same time, new options will be added to the App Store to empower users. It will now be possible to rate Apple’s programs, but also to report a problem with an application, even if the user has not downloaded or purchased it.

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