Android: Some private smartphones from Google services, an update is necessary

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The deadlines are linked in the world of tech, and it is better not to have a smartphone that is too old during this period. For the past few days, millions of Android devices have been deprived of the various features of Google.

This news is not a surprise: the Mountain View firm warned its users in August and confirmed it on Monday, reports Phonandroid. Anyone with a phone running Android 2.3.7 or earlier can no longer access Gmail, Calendar or Google Drive.

Android version 3 or later required

The company has made this limitation “for the sake of protecting your Google account,” she says on her support page technical. If you do any of the following […], an error related to the username or password may occur. “

Nothing could be simpler to recover the use of the various Google applications: all you have to do is update your smartphone system in order to upgrade to Android 3 or a more recent version. With version 2.3.7 dating back a decade or so, Google is hoping that most users have already updated their device.

Above all, a notification should alert affected users to the change and the need for an update. For the most reluctant, it is obviously still possible to access Google services through the Web version and not through applications.

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