Amazon: Reaction to Noise, Glow Projector and Fitness Band

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Amazon: Reaction to Noise, Glow Projector and Fitness Band

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Amazon used the annual hardware event for numerous new launches, some of which will not come to Germany for the time being. In addition to the autonomous Alexa robot Astro, this also applies to the Alexa projector Glow, the reaction to individual noises by the voice assistant and a fitness band.

Every sound can trigger actions

It is well known that Alexa can react to bursting glass with Alexa Guard, but in the future the voice assistant should be able to react to any type of noise if the user trains the assistant accordingly. In this way, notifications or entire smart home automations can take place on the basis of recognized tones or noises, and recognition of one’s own voice can also be used for automatic actions via Alexa. If the refrigerator is left open and starts to beep, an echo loudspeaker in the room could recognize this and send the user a notification on the smartphone. In addition, some Echo devices should in the future be able to use imperceptible ultrasonic waves to check whether a person is present and to carry out automatic actions based on this. If the Fire TV was not switched off, Alexa can do this automatically. According to Amazon, noise detection will work on almost all Echo devices, only the first-generation Echo and first-generation Echo Dot are excluded. In particular, the new AZ2 neural processor, which is used in the Echo Show 15, is not a prerequisite for the new function.

Glow: projector with display and camera

With Amazon Glow, on the other hand, an interactive projector was presented that offers an 8-inch screen and a camera for video calls and projects a 19-inch image onto the surface in front of the projector, which can be interacted with via a mat. Children in particular should be able to interact with their grandparents while reading books or playing games. The person at the other end of the connection can participate in the mirrored activity in the Glow app, for example on a tablet. In this way, people should be brought together in a playful way when they are spatially separated. The parents determine who the child is allowed to talk to on the phone.

Amazon delivers suitable content via Amazon Kids +, which is included in the purchase for one year. At launch in the US, it is available by invitation only after registration for $ 249.99; later it will cost $ 299.99. The mat is part of the scope of delivery. Glow also offers the 2-year worry-free guarantee from Amazon, so it can be replaced free of charge if damaged. When and if Glow will be available outside of the US is not yet known.

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    Amazon Glow (Image: Amazon)

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    Fitness bracelet with display without emotion tracking

    With Halo View, however, Amazon has presented a fitness bracelet that is reminiscent of the Fitbit models. For $ 79.99 only in the US, it offers an AMOLED display and a one-year Halo membership, which is necessary to get in-depth analysis of the tracker. With the introduction of the Halo View, Amazon launches the Halo Fitness service, which offers video training sessions and is reminiscent of Apple Fitness +. Halo Nutrition, on the other hand, should help with a balanced diet. In addition to heart rate, the Halo View can also record blood oxygen levels and skin temperature. In contrast to the first-generation Halo, which did not have a display, it captures speech – there is no longer a built-in microphone. In the first generation, Amazon recorded the emotions of the user based on his voice. The Halo View also offers sleep tracking and can draw attention to notifications from the smartphone, including a vibration motor.

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    Amazon Halo View (Image: Amazon)

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    The battery life of the Halo View says Amazon is up to 7 days. Charging takes around 90 minutes. The bracelet can be exchanged, with Amazon offering different versions made of metal, leather and plastic. Amazon has not yet given an exact date for the publication for the USA either, but it should be ready by the Christmas business.

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