140 mm silent fan test: 13 models in a large community comparison

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140 mm silent fan test: 13 models in a large community comparison

Image: ComputerBase-Forum

The large 140 mm silent fan test from the community drives a total of 13 fans from 10 manufacturers from Arctic and Alpenföhn to be quiet !, Corsair and Fractal to Noctua, Noiseblocker and Phanteks as well as Scythe and Thermalright Frames were compared twice “acoustically” with each other.

A comparison of 13 fans from 10 manufacturers

In his reader test “140 mm fans for silent freaks on the test bench”, community member and forum moderator “Kabelbinder” had the following 13 fans compete against each other in two scenarios and upgraded the comparison with corresponding sound files, which are now also direct can be played in the forum via a new player. A total of 10 manufacturers are doing the honors.

*) no longer available, **) standard fan of the cooler used

All 13 fans had to be at a standardized air speed of 0.3 m / s and 0.45 m / s (on the side opposite the fan) flowing through the cooler on a fairly expansive and larger with dimensions of 152 × 159 × 147 mm than a one kilogram CPU cooler Thermalright Le Grand Macho RT prove in terms of their noise emissions.

A vane anemometer with a 40mm opening is used to measure the power, which is placed on the back of the heat sink and captures the air speed flowing through the center.

From this structure it can be deduced how effectively a fan can maintain its airflow bundled through the entire depth of the heat sink.

The two credit points for the following comparison were set at 0.3 and 0.45 m / s. In relation to the cooling surface of the fan that is used, this corresponds approximately to an effective delivery volume of 14 or 21 m³ / h.

Cable tie, community member & forum moderator

Condenser microphone tests silence suitability

In order to be able to assess the noise emissions generated at these performance levels, the low-noise RØDE NT1 condenser microphone was pointed sideways at the front of the fan. In order to simulate a PC standing directly next to the user, the recording distance was 40 cm.

13 silent fans in 140 mm have to prove themselves 13 silent fans in 140 mm have to prove themselves (Image: ComputerBase-Forum)

For his part, the author foregoes a final conclusion and instead asks the readers of the ComputerBase forum community: “Which models did you particularly like?

  • Reader’s article: “140 mm fans for silent freaks on the test bench”

Questions and suggestions as well as praise and criticism about the reader’s article in the comments to this message and in the forum are, as always, expressly welcome.

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