Zoom: New options unveiled, including live translation and a new whiteboard

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Zoom took advantage of its annual conference to announce several news reports
01Net, this Tuesday. The videoconferencing platform plans to expand the translation and transcription capabilities of its application. English will therefore no longer be the only language concerned by automatic transcription.

It should therefore be carried out in around thirty languages ​​and will be accompanied by the deployment of live translation in a dozen languages. These functions should be deployed in the course of the year 2022. The videoconferencing platform has announced that it wants to support its users around the world, so that they can enjoy its application without being stopped by the language barrier.

A whiteboard in virtual reality

Another new feature announced, Zoom is currently working with the Oculus team at Facebook to enable its users to use the whiteboard in the virtual reality collaboration workspace, Horizons Workrooms. Users will therefore be able to find themselves in the same virtual room provided by Oculus using the Zoom tool.

Zoom has planned for the whiteboard to be accessible from the app or on the web. The tool will be usable during a meeting or in a traditional chat room. It can be shared with colleagues by email, in a Zoom conversation with a specific contact, or in a chat channel. The new version of its whiteboard should start rolling out in an accessible beta version by the end of the year.

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