Xbox One Controller: Update for lower latency and HDMI-CEC for Series X | S

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Xbox One Controller: Update for lower latency and HDMI-CEC for Series X | S

Microsoft has announced an update for the Xbox One controller and has started deliveries to Insider, which will also bring the controller functions for the Xbox Series X | S to the older controllers. Among other things, the Bluetooth connection is improved and latency is reduced.

The new functions include, on the one hand, an improved device connection, as the controllers support Bluetooth LE with the update and switch between the Bluetooth LE connection and the Xbox wireless radio connection with a double-click on the Pair button. This makes it easier to use the controller on a tablet, smartphone or PC with Windows 10 and switch back to the game console. While Android already supports the Xbox controllers, iPhone and iPad users still have to wait for iOS 15, which will be released in a few weeks after the launch of the new iPhone series.

The controller always remembers the last connected Bluetooth device and the last connected Xbox One in order to quickly reconnect with them. However, additional devices must be reconnected each time if necessary. Microsoft also mentions the possibility of cloud gaming with mobile devices via the Xbox Game Pass Ultimate in connection with the Xbox controllers. Since this area, which Microsoft would like to expand in the future, is becoming more and more important, the usual controllers should also be available on the devices used, according to Microsoft.

DLI for less latency with Series X | S

In addition, the firmware update supports “Dynamic Latency Input” (DLI), which means that the inputs are transmitted more efficiently to the Xbox Series X | S, which already use this technology, which reduces latency. The old controllers are now as fast on the new consoles as the new controllers, but nothing has changed on the old generation of consoles.

Controller without bluetooth without update

The update will be offered for all Xbox One controllers with Bluetooth support, the Xbox Elite Wireless Controller Series 2 and the Xbox Adaptive Controller, the first generation of the Xbox One controller without Bluetooth and the first Elite Wireless Controller will receive the new functions therefore not. The update is now available to all participants in the Xbox Insider Program in the Alpha Ring. Over the next few weeks, it will gradually be made available to more insiders before it is offered to everyone.

HDMI-CEC for the Xbox Series X | S

In addition, Microsoft delivers Update for the Xbox Series X | S to Alpha-Ring-Insider, the HDMI-CEC supplies so that the Xbox can be controlled via the remote control of the TV. This can be used to navigate in the dashboard and control applications such as Netflix, so that the controller no longer has to be used. In addition, HDMI-CEC can automatically switch the active input on the television to the Xbox when the Xbox button on the controller is pressed. The prerequisite is that the HDMI input of the television also supports CEC.

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