Wolverine V2 Chroma Pro: Razer’s luxury gamepad shines even more

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Wolverine V2 Chroma Pro: Razer's luxury gamepad shines even more

Image: Razer

The second generation of Razer’s luxury gamepad is said to be more comfortable to hold. The extended lighting is immediately obvious and is now much more visible. In addition, a slightly less expensive entry-level controller is offered.

Razer does not touch the features of the predecessor Wolverine Ultimate (test). Additional options compared to the normal gamepad are to open up four triggers on the underside, which are accompanied by two additional bumper buttons. They can be configured via the app and assigned the “ABXY” functions, for example, which can also be used when the fingers are busy with both thumbsticks, which can be swapped like with the predecessor. Razer is again using “mecha-tactile” buttons under the buttons and control pad, which have less travel than the rubber dome models of other gamepads.

  • Razer Wolverine V2 Chroma Pro

    Razer Wolverine V2 Chroma Pro (Image: Razer)

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    The path of the trigger can also be shortened again. They then work like normal buttons. In shooters, this should result in advantages in terms of reaction time, since no analog “accelerator” input is required for shooting. An audio connection for a 3.5 mm plug is retained, the same applies to data transmission, which is only possible with a three meter long cable. Bluetooth is not part of the feature set of the controller, which, despite the fact that it does not have a battery, weighs around 274 grams as a simple gamepad thanks to the additional buttons.

    A changed shape of the handles should bring ergonomic advantages A modified shape of the handles should bring ergonomic advantages (Image: Razer)

    Razer promises advantages in terms of ergonomics through a modified design of the handles. In addition, there are wide and clearly more visible RGB light strips on the top, which make the controller identifiable as a Razer product.

    Entry-level model cuts a lot

    For the Wolverine V2 Chroma, Razer charges around 160 euros in its own web shop and at selected retailers. In addition to the Chroma model, there is a simple version for just under 120 euros. It has to do without the interchangeable thumbsticks, the RGB lighting and the triggers on the underside.

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